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  • Learn about the Eileen Hull Jewel Loom - with Jewels & Eileen Hull

    June 22, 2024

    Learn about the Eileen Hull Jewel Loom - with Jewels & Eileen Hull

    Learn how to use the Eileen Hull Paper Crafting Loom to make a fiber & beaded bracelet. Eileen & Jewels teams up for this great tutorial to discuss how to use the loom & also how you can change up this project to use in your paper crafting designs. You can mix & match techniques to create your own designs!

    Key Points Discussed in this tutorial:

    • For the warps, you can use something as thin as Wildfire to as thick as macrame cord.. If it is not too thick to fit in the grooves on the sides (where you tie off), the cord will work on this loom. Just lay thicker cords over the top grooves. You can even wrap the warps around the loom to the back side to create a longer project or have extra warp material to work with when you remove project from the loom.
    • Condition your sustainable baltic birch loom to protect the wood & keep it in great shape. If you want to decorate it & any other wood products from the Jewel Loom store, use colored pencils, markers, paints, but stay away from water based products. These will damage your loom. If you are not decoating it, you can use Minwax wipes or here is a tutorial to keep your loom in good condition::https://youtu.be/bs6cDC56K1s   
    • Learn how to warp your loom for the best results. Warps are the first cords you put on your warm prior to weaving.
    • How to weave on this loom, using beads.
    • How to switch between weaving with beads & weaving with fibers.
    • If you want to try a different type of item to weave with (buttons, a different material, etc.), try it! Don’t stop your imagination! And share, if it works!
    • Different ways to finish your project
    • To finish your project using a ribbon crimp, watch from 54:28 to 57:27 on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUmHeGp9FUA&t=3427s (does not work with thin threads like Wildfire, when used as warps)
    • Putting Beads directly on your warps project (example project): https://www.youtube.com/live/U6ch5fKHx7Q?si=chk9r6BTlHCHXrSm 

    Watch the tutorial below.

    The items used in this tutorial:

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