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  • How to make a beaded Hair Barrette on a bead loom

    October 27, 2023

    How to make a beaded Hair Barrette on a bead loom

    Tricia Giazzon is the instructor in this special Jewel Loom School presentation, using the October Creative Soul box, among other supplies, to show how to create a stunning hair barrette. She shows us how to weave it, add dangles, & attach it to Ultra Suede, so it can be glued to a barrette finding. This is so beautiful.. gluing it to a pin finding would be pretty, too, but may have to adjust the size to the pin finding. And you can also use this design as a centerpiece for a choker or bracelet. Jewel Loom School is about teaching techniques, so you can use them or add them to your designs…or even to expand or change up your designs.

    Supplies Used:

    • October, 2023 Creative Soul Box
    • 8/0s & 11/0s Seed Beads
    • Barrette Blank
    • glue
    • Ultra Suede for Backing
    • Wildfire
    • Hemp

    Get the Jewel Loom Bead Loom Starter Kit. This kit includes both the Original Jewel Loom, Baby Loom, beads, hemp, needles, & a wood button. 

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    hi guys hi I'm so excited to be back tonight uh my name is Trisha gon and I
    am here for juel Loom of course at ju Loom School live so happy to be back for
    a demo um we are going to make something super fun today guys this is something I've been wanting to try for quite a
    long time um we're going to be making a hair bread now this can be modified any
    way you would like you want to make a smaller one you want to make a bigger one want to make it into a pin it's all
    going to depend on the size of your base but we'll get into that a little bit more later so I just at the beginning
    here I want to let you guys know that I do have a YouTube channel it is Trisha's pink poodle jewelry studio and I would
    appreciate if you would head over there subscribe give me some watches some likes that's always so appreciated guys
    uh I see so many of you there that uh do that for me and it's I'm so grateful I'm so so appreciative so I'm going to show
    you our project here and then we're going to turn the camera down to go ahead and get started but this is our Brett and I'm sure you saw that in the
    um picture that was there I guess the lighting is not so good we'll see it on the mat too but this is my version now
    keep in mind guys I know that a lot of you are out there and don't want angles and don't want this that any other thing
    but I'm going to tell you all about modifications okay so I'm going to turn my camera down and we're going to go go
    ahead and get started because it is a bit of a longer project so it'll just
    take a minute while my camera
    switches and there we go usually that initial one
    takes a while I'm going to turn my other light down here to get some better lighting for us there so here is our
    Bret that I've created now just going over the basics of it before we go to
    the loom uh this is just a base that I created behind all these beautiful Loops
    I've done some gorgeous loops on it done these dangles I will show you how to do all of this and use some of these
    beautiful daggers from the the this month's Workshop these floral ones I'm
    dying for guys and then we're GNA I'm going to teach you how to back it and do
    a beaded Edge and also how to put your bread on so you're not going to have any
    worry of it coming off okay so first we're going to do we're going to warp
    our Loom and as always we're going to start out by putting our bar in and G
    gently pushing it into our to tummy and popping our our rod in the top okay I'm
    going to turn this over and I'm just using 0.5 hemp here
    you could use a wildfire as your base also if you wanted to uh but this seems
    to work really well and it seems solid so I'm just going to go around this button a couple times and then tie this
    off with a couple knots whoops just tie it off with a couple knots just to make sure everything is nice and
    secure okay so I'm just going to feed that through and give us a nice tight
    knot there and then one more and once you have your material
    attached to your loom you can go ahead and start putting on your warps so what
    I normally do here is I'll take my hemp in my hand hold my loom like so and then
    I'm going to lay my hemp onto the loom okay as I'm flipping that over I know
    it's hard to see um but I'm going to get you all fixed up here so I'm going to pull this
    across and I'm going to put it on the other side I'm going to get some of that out uh rolled out from my hemp in
    approximately the same place okay guys I'm going to flip it over grab the
    button I'm keeping everything nice and taut as I'm doing that I'm going to skip two rows two of our grooves here rows
    grooves whatever you call them because we are going to be using 80 seed beads to fit in there and we want to use two
    grooves for that and then I'm going to take the the hemp
    across skip two grooves again and we're going to grab this button on the back
    okay back up and over and skip
    two take across and skip two now this is going to
    be four beads wide so that what that means us is that we're going to need
    five rows to support four beads so five strands is what I mean so let's get two
    more here so this is our
    fourth back to our little button and then skip two
    more go across I'm G to pop that over we only got one on that one so let me
    loosen that up there we go there's our
    two this is a really simple warp guys this is a small warp and easy to do
    especially with hemp all right so I've got that last row on so I'm going to take this hemp and wrap it two or three
    times around my button on the back on the side that I ended up on and I'm going to cut my hemp loose from
    the roll I'm going to feed the hemp underneath all of the warps that I've
    made on the end here just so we can get a nice tie off okay and I'm holding this
    this end here just trying to make sure that we don't get slippage and we don't
    get loose warps okay just making sure I'm keeping everything secured slipping
    that knot in under there giving one tie off then I'm going to do it one more
    time in underneath there around the
    button and through I know it's hard to see guys but I'm tying it off around the
    button so I wanted to do it two times then on the second one I'm going to take my pliers in here and I'm going to give
    it a pull and get it nice and taut there okay we want to make sure that's on there well so we've got our warps on so
    all we have to do now is take our bar out so I'm going to do the same thing that we did to put our bar in and I'm
    going to press it lightly into my tummy my my um end of my
    loom and I'm going to just pop that Rod out now I'm seeing as I'm trying to pop that Rod out it doesn't want to come out
    easily so I don't want to break my loom so the trick is for that guys is just turn your loom around put the other end
    into your belly give it a slight Flex lift the bar out and there you go
    usually if you turn it you will get every time you will get um
    your bar to pop out easily so I'm going to put this up on my loom stand I think you'll be able to see it well on there
    at least I hope so let me adjust the camera that way it'll hold it still for me um while I'm demoing this part for
    you and you can see I work from the bottom up guys and um a lot of folks work from the
    top down that and I know that's what you rules does but this is me so that's how
    I do it so I'm just going to use my little Loom stand that my husband made me that I absolutely
    love so what we're going to do here first guys underneath these Loops we have built a base of 80 seed beads okay
    so those 80 seed beads are going to be four beads wide as we discussed because
    we have five warps and we're going to make 31 rows now those 31 rows fit the
    particular Bret blank that I have purchased okay so this is what we're
    looking at I think I purchased these at Michaels or Hobby Lobby somewhere like that they have these on hand in the
    jewelry section and if not they're by the ribbon you can usually get your hands on something they have all
    different kinds of options of barrettes hair combs um you know single breads
    that aren't quite this big if you don't H to have thick hair you can just use a
    smaller Brad just scale down your pattern okay so for my pattern we're
    going to do 31 rows with our so let me set this up
    here I'm going to open up my here I did thread my needle with some wildfire
    and this is the 0.006 in Frost that I'm using but use
    whatever makes you happy guys and then I'm going to do is just take the end that does not have the needle on it and
    I'm going to go up about I always eyeball it with the hole and I go
    slightly above that hole now there's going to be quite a bit of waste with this one as I showed you once I take the
    other one off you'll see that um so you could ideally you could do two breaths
    on one warped Loom okay so all we're going to do here we have our our strand
    tied on there so when we're done we can feed it back through tie off in the middle no one will be the wiser so we're
    just going to pick up four of our okay and I'm using a jewel loom
    needle of course they make it so much
    easier all right so we're picking up our four I'm going to put those beads down
    this is how I like to do it I slide my beads down to the end shuttle my needle across
    underneath pull my thread through my fingers and then pop these beads up and
    through now once they're through just get that a little
    better then you're going to just take your needle and you're underneath at this point and we're going to go up and
    over the top of this outside W and take our needle and go through our beads and
    make sure that we're over top of the warps with our needle because if you're not guys it's not going to lock it in
    for you okay this is just basic jol Loom 101 in case someone is new I want to
    make sure you know this project from the ground up so you can do it from the ground up okay so we have our four in
    okay and we're just going to begin working our way up for 31 rows so I'll do a few more of
    these and then we'll get to my step out but I'm just picking up these four
    beads again yes hermy says I use the baby Loom
    to make my brats and you could certainly certainly do that um that if you just
    wanted to make one that would be the ideal way to do it for sure I am just a tension bar girl so I
    always end up going to my original but that would certainly work for you no
    doubt all right we're just going to keep doing that we're going to pick up
    okay and we're building our base now the reason I'm using eights as my base
    instead of 11s is because my needle's going to have to pass through these beads a few
    times so I want to make sure I have enough area inside the bead to um be able
    to sew in my dangles and do my loops and all that
    stuff so let's do a few more of these just to make sure everyone has got
    it and we're just dropping down I see someone is asking for the
    color of the these are actually both the uh Rosaline this one is the
    transparent frosted that's the 11s that I'll be using and then this is just the transparent in the 8os
    okay we should have everything in the description I know Miss Jan is so good for that so and we're just going to pop
    up and we do have some off the loom work with this too to sew your edging on on
    which is kind of fun you get the best of both worlds with that I don't want five I want
    four so we'll do this last row and then we're going to move on to the next
    step so I'm sure you all have this by now you're all so talented you pick up
    on this stuff so quick okay so I'm just going to put my needle in through here
    because I'm going to come back to this project when I have more time so we're gonna drop this take my bands
    off and I'm going to move this out of the way and I'm going to move in The Next
    Step so I have gotten my base finished okay this is the one that I have
    finished let me lay this here so you can see it okay so I've got my 31 rows here guys
    so next what I'm going to be doing is my Loops so I have figured with my 31 rows
    I'm going to come in one row on each end and then I'm going to do um loops on every other set of beads
    when I get to the center here you can see I have this head pin stuck through the center I like to do
    that um Lori says my husband should produce the loom stance we've talked about it we've talked about them but I
    will let him know someone else is asking um so I like to put my head pin in the
    center this is on 16 so when I get to the center I know
    that the one to the right and the one to the left are and the middle one are all going to get the strands so I know to do
    my strands at that spot so everything is nice and centered and this is where my large bead's going to go okay L he wants
    one okay honey I'll tell him so I have my loom here we're going
    to start doing our loops I don't know if you'd be able to see it if I yeah you
    should I just love this thing I'm like addicted to it it it just holds things so nicely it's like a third hand I was
    talking to Joan prior to starting the live about it and I said I just don't even know what I did before I had it but
    he's a talented fella that's for sure and it's just a basic um Loom stand but works like a
    charm so anyway enough commercials for loom stands so I'm going to come in
    one from the end so I'm just going to pop my needle up to that next row
    because I'm coming out down here with my my thread I did not take my thread off I didn't cut my thread when I finished
    here I just cut the one end as to where I started as you can see and then I left
    the one that was the one with the needle on okay so we're going to pop up to that next row because that's going to be our
    row for our Loop and what we're going to do for that I'm going to take these little
    and get them over here so I can collect those later so what we're going
    to do for that as far as beads that I'm using now
    in this kit there is a ton of options I mean guys you pair any 80 any 11 o with
    this kit in this skuy the limit there's so many colors and so many beautiful combinations you'll see on the one that
    I I've done um that's still on the loom that we're going to take off the colors that I've used for that Leo transparent
    frostline yes those those are the Leos that's for sure Joan thank you so I've
    got a strand of our be our beautiful pink beads out I've gotten our little I
    can't remember what you guys said but there's fire polish there's little nibs in here there's two whole beads really
    cute mix and I'm gonna take a little bit of that out because we're going to use those
    on our the dangle Downs okay and I've got my 11os some of
    those out because we're going to use those and I'm going to cut a little bit
    I'm going to cut the end of my strand here because I want to get some of these beautiful pink AB beads off here these
    chips they are just stunning okay so we have that then I
    have gotten out my daggers because I know I want to put daggers on the
    end of my dangles and then I've picked out these this this particular bead as
    my Center bead I believe that's a natural stone if that's citrine I think
    um we have these beautiful check glass flowers and these beautiful check glass
    table cuts that have this beautiful um rose gold color to them
    just stunning so you pick you do you guys as always you know pick out what makes you happy I think I'm going to do
    try doing a turquoise one next so as we've gotten to this next row I'm going
    to pick up now all I've done let me just double check this on this one that I've made I
    did yes four on each side so we're going to pick up four Leos it's been a little while since I designed it so let's pick
    up four eleos I'm going to pour these out too so they're easy to pick up
    quite a beautiful selection there don't we so I'm going to pick up four
    Leos like I said one two three and
    four and then we're going to pick up our Center bead whatever we want to start with there so let's start with one of
    these beautiful rose Golds put that on and put four more seed
    beads our leonos okay these are this is what's going to give you your beautiful
    Loops okay so we went through the second row so now what I'm going to do I have
    my beads on there I'm going to take that needle and go up and over and back through that row
    okay you see how I'm doing that so my thread is now looking like that it's in
    a circle so I'm going to put that needle through give it a
    pull and we're going to have our first Loop there you go there's your first loop
    we're going to skip the next row now having this thread along the sides by skipping these rows you won't even see
    it because everything between the loops and the
    um the side beads that we're going to have the trim on the edge between the ultra suede and the Bret you won't even
    notice them so we're going to skip a row I'm going to work up to the middle
    here guys so I can show you all of that in the middle once we get up there but we're just going to do our Loops every
    other okay so pick up four 11
    O's okay and then our next bead which I'm going to pick up one of these gorgeous
    check flowers and four more seed
    beads so now we're coming out the other side than what we were over here so now
    we're going to make our Loop but we're going to go into the other side once our beads are on okay so we're still making
    the loop with our oh come on get in there uh thread
    and that's what's going to make your circle on top and you're just going to work your way up and build your Loops every other so
    we're skipping another row go into the next row
    and pick up
    four okay a rose gold and four
    more okay and loop around
    all right so we got that pop up to the next one and I'm just going to speed up
    a little bit here so we can get to the center because I'm sure you guys already have the loops
    down so I'm going to pop up to the next one Pi up
    four I say I'm going to speed up and then my my hands don't want to cooperate that's
    usually how it goes right okay so
    flower four
    more okay I just want to back this up just to
    smid more just to make sure you're able to see that here we go sorry for the camera
    movement guys I just want to make sure you're getting the best view there
    okay all right next
    one okay woo that one flung throwing seed
    beads there we go and four more almost to the middle this goes fairly quick
    making your Loops especially with skipping every other one that's up to you though guys if you don't want to
    skip you don't have to but I thought with the size of the beads it just looked a little nicer to have a little more Breathing Room you could see the
    the beauty of each bead better
    okay and then we're going to skip a row and
    up pick up our
    four our
    flower and four very basic simple
    steps and that's what I like I like you guys to be able to just watch it once
    and get it I mean if you need to watch it more no problem but I like to keep them simple enough that you know anybody
    can do it and anybody can make it okay so the
    next and then this will be the last one before we do our uh
    dangle all right so we are on the rose gold
    here yeah hermy says that um skipping the rows gives it movement and I
    absolutely agree that's another plus to it hery thank
    you okay all right so now what we're going to do I see that I'm going to move
    the um loom in just a second here once I get my Loop so I see here that I
    am up to my pin I'm on the the row on my
    side of it that's where I am okay so we have one row on each on this side of the
    middle pin okay so I'm going to go go up into that
    row just like so just shuttle my needle up
    there all right let me make sure I don't get this caught on my head pin which I
    did all right then I'm just going to go underneath and shuttle it back across because I want to be able
    to have my which you could do it on either side I guess we can just start
    here but for me my mind I'm thinking left side left side because when I created that's what it was but we can
    certainly do it here so once you shuttle your needle up before I do my next Loop
    I'd like to do the dangle part of it okay so I want to this is a good spot
    here for this but I want to push our beads over here so we can see what I'm picking up
    there okay it's getting a little blurry come on now
    Focus there okay and then I have my beautiful pink chips and our daggers
    here okay me move these up make sure
    everything can be seen there we go and our little daggers
    up here all right so that is what I'm working with right now to make our
    dangles okay so what I started out with was three of these beautiful
    chips and I have found making this part of it before you make the loop I don't
    know if I said that but it it helps it makes it a little easier to do your dangles so I'm just going to pick up my
    beads so I know that I have three of my pink uh chips and then I'm going to pick
    up a fire polish one of the pinch beads and
    another fire polish three three more just a basic
    pattern three more of our chips all right and
    then fire
    polish okay pinch
    bead fire polish and I think I did yeah three runs
    so I know I I need to put on one more set of the pink I did three runs of the
    pink and two of the uh rose gold and fire polish okay so
    I'm going to put on three more of these these chips these pink pink chips get my
    needle toor right there and then once we get those chips on is when we're going to put our dagger
    on now this is I have one that I want in the center and then I want a floral on either side so I'm going to pick up one
    of my florals because this is the one of the side ones and I'm just going to put
    I have all my beads on my needle here okay and I'm going to put the needle through my dagger just like
    so and my beads are going to go up and the trick here let me get my fingers out
    of the way okay here's our dagger aren't those gorgeous oh my gosh I love those
    and we're going to bypass going back through our dagger but then we're going to go over top of it here and we're
    going to start going back through all the beads that we put on here and that's how we're going to get
    our dangles to stay secure okay so I'm just putting this back through the beads
    little bits at a time you don't have to keep everything tight and close at this point because we can adjust it and then
    I'm just going to work the rest of my beads here just like
    so going back through through those you just want to go back through
    all of them got a few more
    here so once you do that we have pulled the needle the whole way through okay
    now we have space there and we wouldn't want that right so I'm just going to hold my needle in my left hand and then
    I'm going to hold the dagger in my right hand and I'm going to pull on this thread with the needle on it and it's
    going to move those dangles right into place where you want them okay so what I'm
    going to do at that point is I'm going to go back through I'm going to
    shuttle back through here and these loops on this side I make
    small I just use um the pinch beads and the fire polish
    in those so let me get my 11 here if I still have a few more of those put these
    out I like to because it gives that big bead in the bid excuse me the big bead in the
    middle more room to groove so we're going to pick up four
    Els and then a fire polish a pinch bead and a fire polish and that's going to be
    our Loop there and I'm going I shuttled back through now I'm going back through that row this is why I said we need to
    use AOS because they're going to give you room to breathe okay so I'm just
    going to complete that Loop so then we're going to go down through the center row where we have our pin okay so
    I'm going to pull that out and I'm going to shuttle
    across because I want my needle to be on the right side so I can create my
    dangle okay my thread's getting shorter um so what we're going to do
    again we're going to follow the same pattern change this up as you want to guys we're going to follow the same
    pattern and I'll be anxious to see what yall
    make and just do our fire polish and pinch beads and
    our beautiful chips grab that fire polish push these
    beads down three more
    okay I'm just working on picking up my beads still
    guys so we're just making this row off of the Loom
    which I I think um is something maybe we don't think about all the time that we
    can do all kinds of stuff that is on the side of the Looms dangling down there's
    things you can attach things to it to give it more Dimension and more
    interest okay so there we have we have three sets of the pink and two sets of that we're going to put our Center
    dagger dagger on and do the same thing that we did before we're g to put that
    on and then go back through our
    beads and sometimes my hands cooperate and sometimes they
    don't we go let's go up through that and get
    through sometimes that helps if you pull some through then you don't have so much to worry about being um loose on
    okay and we're going to do the same thing we got our needle through all of our beads and we're going to pull on
    that left hand Strand and hold onto our dager and pull our dangle into place so
    now we're going to put our Center bead on here which will really make it pop so
    we're going to pick up some 11os I think I can get away with it maybe for these if I do this with my thread so we're
    just going to put on the four beads just like we did before for other
    Loops okay and our large bead which is
    stunning citrine
    and then four more [Music]
    11os there we go and we're just going to make that loop again at this point you
    would hopefully have more thread and you can which I only did a little bit of thread because I knew I was only going
    to be doing half but um you would continue across the same
    way every other uh just leaving the end row blank on each side
    okay so let me put my Loop in place make sure everything's taut the way I want it yep looking good all right so that's
    what we have so far guys okay so now I'm going to set this to the
    side and this is one that I have made ahead that's still on the loom so I can show you how to take that off um I have
    tied everything off and I just need to um yes I just need to cut this right
    I don't know why I didn't cut that one uh I've tied everything off and weaved it back through and knotted it in the
    center most of it so so you cannot see um the knots okay but even if you have
    them on the edge like I did this one you're not going to be able to see it anyway on this one I decided to use
    these beautiful um ammonite looking beads and then
    the red and blue beautiful check class um I did the same dangles I used
    different uh daggers on it but now we're going to do the part where we take this
    off the loom now I am going to be using glue and I have a beautiful beadboard
    here that I was gifted and I do not want glue on my beadboard so I'm going to
    find a place to set that for a moment I get that going to need our
    just briefly while I show you all of these
    steps okay so we're going to take this off the loom and like I said there's a lot of waste on this so as hermy said
    you could use the baby Loom you could put two on here you could keep this a little further down because all we're doing guys there's no tying off on this
    you're just flipping those ends in underneath because they're going to be stitched on to the it's going to be
    stitched on to the leather and glued on to the ultra suede I mean okay so you don't have to worry about tying it off
    so we're only going to need you know a small amount on the ends to be able to get it underneath and to you know keep
    it in place so I'm just going to flex my loom just a little bit I have it against
    my belly and I'm just pushing down on it and I'm going to cut my threads to get this
    off okay so once it's off
    set that over there we are going to cut our strands
    because there's no reason not to so I just leave what is that about half inch or so
    there on either side because there's no sense having
    that excess right and then I have some ultra suede
    here that I purchased and what I did honestly is I just set my bread onto my
    ultra Suede and I looked and just Guided by
    looking at it and I just took my scissors and cut that out okay so I'm going to
    say right about here because you do not have to be exact oh I'm sorry guys I'm not on the there we go right about here
    and I have my dangles out of the way so I don't cut them so I'm just going to you could draw around it if you'd feel
    more secure um doing that so you'd have more exact piece but like I said um
    your piece does not have to be exact all right so we're just going to continue cutting
    that and do that now we have a little wider width up here which is okay but
    I'm going to trim that and I want to look at it make sure it's going to work it's going to cover the back and yes
    that's going to be more than fine I have more than enough there okay so and then what I decided
    then was I wanted to have a piece of ultra suede going the other direction now why
    would I do that well I want to be able to once I get this glued on and in place
    I want to be able to wrap this other piece around my Brad blank we're going
    to stitch it on either end here because we have holes and again I'm up down here
    because we have holes we can stitch it on as well as glue it on but I want to make sure we're good and solid so this
    is going to wrap around and give you reinforcement okay so the first thing I
    do get that off there I take I have b7000 but you can use E6000 whatever
    kind of glue you like you have uh tacky glue whatever you like and I glue this
    part to the this uh top piece of suede onto
    the bottom piece of Su just like so just squeeze your glue out and if it comes
    out like mine doesn't want to you know there we go we're getting some now
    okay so I'm G to just attach that and I'm going to put wrong sides together on
    this okay just simple just like that and then what I want to do and I
    just realized I didn't grab my Clips so I'll be right back let me grab my clips
    so Clips make the make this a little easier to do for your ends so once you have that on there then we're going to
    start gluing on our uh beaded part to the back and I
    just like to look and see here okay well that'll work I'm going to fold those under just like
    so all right and I'm going to make sure I have enough glue on my
    piece to be able to tack those ends down
    well I guess I need to someone needs to get me more b7000 I guess you go so we
    have enough glue on there and I'm going to fold these ends
    down and I'm going to lay this on to my piece and you have time with
    this kind of glue and just lay it on there make sure your ends are folded under and
    underneath all of your bead work and you're just going to press down on that make sure the rest of this goes up
    here and I'm just going to take one of these clips and I'm going to clip this in place onto my suede okay
    so whatever size of Bret that you create with your beads and I'm going to turn it this way to get the clip onto it uh you
    will need a piece of ultr suede slightly bigger okay so I'm going to clip that there so you can see how that's really
    going to help you keep everything in place as you're working because the first one I did I did not do that and it
    was a little more difficult let's say okay and I'm just going to fold
    those under do the same thing put that in
    place and if they come out as you see some of mine did there you just have to work them under you have some time with
    the glue just make sure everything's underneath neatly you can take your little scissor
    and give it a little push make sure everything's in
    there okay and again we're going to take our little clip and hold on to the side because
    right now we're just holding with glue we didn't attach anything to the Bret yet okay so we give that a few minutes
    to cure so what I want to do is once this is all glued on make sure I have
    enough in the middle here and giving it a few minutes to
    set put this on so it doesn't run out everywhere we're going to attach it to our Bret blank okay so the way my Bret's
    made I can put this flap that I made in underneath here and it will give me that
    extra security okay so what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to take one of
    these off and I'm going to make sure that my ultra suede is cut up to the
    edge of my piece so it looks nice so I can do my beaded Edge and it won't stick out so
    I'm just going to take my scissors and just Edge this off okay and I know because of the fold
    over that I need on my piece these scissors are not the best I only need about a half an inch here so I'm going
    to go ahead and cut that suede down as well
    okay and then I'm going to cut the other
    Edge you're just evening up at this point guys just making sure everything's
    nice and close together and taut and glued and it has a nice backing on
    it you you're not going to see the backing too much um I mean you can tell
    let me show you on this one if I can find it no it's up
    here you can see mostly just the suede that we fold over there so that
    works that way for you so all right let's trim this finish trimming
    this in our piece this is the the glue time is what get you right okay so once
    you have everything trimmed I'm going to take this
    off and trim all those
    edges all we're going to do at this point is attach it to our Brad now I'm
    going to take the Bret blank and I'm going to put some more glue on it if I have any more left in
    here and roll this down that should help and I'm going to put this all over
    my Breet blank around the edges everything just to give us some more security here okay we're just putting
    glue on to the Brad okay then all we're going to do at this point is I'm going
    to close this Breet because it's going to be a little easier to lay this on I'm going to lay my bread across it just
    like so just like so and you can see I have a little
    overhang on each side that's what I wanted I like when it's over just a just
    a smidge hair so then I'm going to open up the back as I turn it over and we're
    going to do we're going to glue our flaps down now okay so I'm just going to do the glue in underneath here
    underneath where that Arch is and I'm just going to put these flaps through just like
    so on either
    side and this is going to be another place you're going to want to use your Clips so we get one down and get the
    other over I'm going to take my scissors in there use it as a little tool just to make sure everything is nice and taut
    pulled in underneath there before I put my clip on I'm just pressing that down
    just holding down just gluing that baby on there okay and then you can always to
    go back and trim your suede if you need to on any of
    it get in there it's getting sticky now guys and
    you can go back on these edges if you need to is what I'm trying to say to go ahead and
    um trim your suede okay so there's that
    and one more clip all right get in there can be a little tricky folding
    your flaps but we get it there we go cut a little
    bit more here because I can see this is kind of blocking that from going
    down I don't know guys what do you think about the idea of this flap do you like it do you think it's
    necessary get your input on it but I I think it really helps secure everything
    up all right we get there there so now we have
    that with our little Clips on now we're going to stitch Begin by stitching on
    our our our suede part to our breath sorry about that guys I'm just having
    words are hard you know so I'm going to grab my needle
    here my needle one
    thread and what I'm going to do next is make a knot on the end of my thread okay
    get these scissors out of the
    way just make a knot and a hold going through the
    Suede and then we're going to start stitching so I am fortunate like I said
    on my Bret blank that I have these little holes in the back so I'm G to start there make sure this is all
    sticking here all right and I'm just going to stick that through to get
    started and I'm just going to go across the hemp so I make sure I have
    holding on to one of the rows there because that's going to give us what is going to in essence hold everything in
    place and not just go back back through without grabbing a row okay grabbing a
    strand of hemp and I'm going to cut this so I can see what I'm doing better I'm pulling that back through and
    you can do this as many times as you feel comfortable I usually do it about three times and it seems like it really
    seems to be secure at that point so I said we're just going to stitch
    through through the hemp across the hemp there and back through the
    hole okay so that's how you're going to stitch it on if you have this kind of bread now I can see on my underneath
    part here that I have where my suede is it's coming out a little bit so I'm going to adjust that a little bit and I
    want to make sure that my beads are laying flush so I'm just going to make sure
    again that this is all where I want it I'm just going to push that back in there make sure everything's snug
    and that's the nice thing about this kind of glue you have time to work with it guys and you have time to you know
    let everything dry and um get where it needs to be so once
    that is done once your stitch on you can start doing your edging and the edging is quite simple we're going to get our
    bead mat back down here and we are going to put out some
    now I decided on mine to do my edging with I think it it doesn't take quite as long and it looks it gives
    you um a loopier appearance because the beads are bigger you know I think anyway
    but your choice you could do it with El if you wanted to so let me just pour out a few e O's here now my string is coming
    out of my Loop but that doesn't matter I'm just going to put it back up
    through that hole and I'm going to aim up here
    through through the top cuz like I said you're not going to see all this guys all right and so I want to go up
    here to the top and I'm going to make sure when I'm putting my beads on that
    I'm hooking into the hemp on the on the uh piece and hooking into my suede as
    I'm stitching okay so I'm going to go through right underneath that
    warp and through the suede come out the other side and just as simple as when we
    made our Loops but we're going to do it with three
    OS all right so we're going to put on three OS come on
    fella and then we're going to go right back through that same
    area that we just went through and make a loop over top of it okay that's going
    to connect the piece and the backing together okay we do that
    again we're going to go over now we're going to step over before we put our beads on so we always want to do that so
    your Loops are nice and straight so again we're going through the suede underneath the outside
    warp okay pick up our three beads or three
    OS and then go through and underneath again in the same
    area and this just gives you a nice finished Edge on your
    piece I really like the way it looks and then we're going to go back
    through to get moved over we're basically shuttling our needle over by going through the area next to next to
    the loop that we just made okay
    that and then we're going to do three
    more and you're just going to work the whole way around this Brad with the
    same Stitch and it's just going to give you a pretty
    finished edging on your bread okay
    so you can see how that looks all right and then here is the
    demo one that I made and you can see the loops along the edge of that how cute that looks everything's nice and
    finished glued in place we have our dangles Center bead we're good to go so
    let me get my camera turned back around here guys think we got that one
    licked there we are let me put this back up yeah so I hope you guys really enjoyed
    that project um it was super fun for me to come up with this is something like I said that I've been brainstorming for a
    while thinking of doing but just not quite you know doing it or taking the initiative
    but when I saw these beads they were screaming for it so beautiful Workshop kit um this uh live will be posted in
    the school so you'll be able to watch that again so everyone uh in the creative soul group that does subscribe to the
    workshops will be able to see that as many times as they need to and I hope you enjoyed it guys I know
    I certainly had a good time it's so wonderful to see all of your faces again and again guys don't forget I do have a
    YouTube channel I put two two to yeah two t two
    classes videos up a week usually sometimes three just depends on what I
    have going on um so head over there and I know Joan has the link there for you
    um subscribe give me a like give me some comments and I appreciate to all of you that have done that and has continued to
    follow me and give me love so appreciated guys so that's it for tonight and I guess we'll see you when
    we see you take it grass guys bye bye