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  • How to Make an Embellished Wall Art Hanging With the Large Sun Weaver Loom

    January 31, 2023

    How to Make an Embellished Wall Art Hanging With the Large Sun Weaver Loom

    In this 4 part tutorial, Tricia Giazzon shows the Ins & Outs of using the Large Sun Weaver, which is a sustainable Baltic Birch Wood Loom made for fiber weaving. By the end of Part 4, you will have a beautiful, embellished wall hanging. You can easily use all the techniques & advice from Tricia to create a wall hanging totally your own! One Jewel Loomer made a clutch out of hers. This is a great way to take your creativity out of your normal box.

    In Part 1, Tricia discusses the Large Sun Weaver Loom's design & uses. She also shows how to warp the loom.


    The Large Sun Weaver loom, made in the USA, comes with a stand, a needle, & a comb.

    In Part 2we start weaving, using different kinds of lace & ribbons. Learn to use the Wood Loom Needle & Comb to make your project easier. 

    Did you know you can wrap warps around to the backside of the large Sun Weaver Loom to make a longer project?

    In Part 3, Tricia shows how to remove this easy & beautiful wall hanging from the Large Sun Weaver & how to finish off the ends of this project.

    As you make your wall hanging, think about all the materials you can use besides ribbons, lace, & yarns. For instance, consider using cut up materials, like denim or old shirts. Also, as you continue to grow in using your Sun Weaver, consider different types of cord or fabric you can use for the warps to give your project a totally different look. 

    In Part 4, she shows how to take your project up a notch by decorating it with beads, chains, charms, & brooches. Your own creativity will make this project your own easily. 

    What would you do differently to make this design your own? We would love to see your creations on the Large Sun Weaver.

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    Transcript - Pt 1:

    hey everybody happy New Year welcome back we're gonna
    be doing starting our new shows for this year
    at our new time um my name is Trisha gaizon I am here on
    behalf of jewel loom and we do some really fun live videos if you haven't
    caught us before um we teach a lot about the Looms we teach a lot of pro uh projects just some
    fun stuff that you can really utilize your looms for if you have not done so
    be sure to like this uh video subscribe to the jewel loom YouTube channel don't
    forget to do that we have lots of information on the jewel loom blog if you haven't uh checked out
    go and head over there and check out the blog that's where we keep a lot of things over there a lot of teaching
    videos Etc um also I do have a personal YouTube channel and it is Trisha's pink poodle
    jewelry studio um if you want to head over there and give me thumbs up and a subscribe I
    would also appreciate that so today guys what we're going to do is
    we're going to learn a little bit about the large Sun Weaver this is a fairly
    new product I mean it's been around a little while but um beautiful beautiful Loom we're going to
    learn about that and we are also going to um warp the sunweaver this week
    and get it ready for next week when we are going to start weaving on it with
    some lace so I don't know exactly where I'm going to go with everything but
    I am that is the plan anyway uh Robin says hello Trisha and everyone happy New
    Year I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Beginning I'm ready for all the goodness of looming yes hello
    Robin is it Ileana Eileena I I never do that right I wish I
    did somebody needs to tell me but um it's so good I'm so glad to see
    everyone here today as always so we are here New Year New You right and a
    fabulous beautiful Loom this is our sunweaver goddess our son Weaver excuse me
    I'm so used to the goddesses that we had um and she is a beauty this is the large
    one there is a smaller one there hello Becky welcome in there is a smaller one
    that is sold as well um but
    this one here is 17 inches on the front here okay
    and we have our regular um Grooms here and our step up here as we always do and
    we have an opportunity with this Loom to
    be able to actually take your warp around and warp on the back as well
    so in essence you can utilize a 34
    inches of space instead of just the 17. just by having
    our set of grooves on the back okay
    this actually comes not just a beautiful Loom that you have here it actually
    comes with a comb and says Sunshine is the best medicine
    we also have a gorgeous needle You Are My Sunshine a nice perfect size for this
    Loom because you want a bigger needle if you're going to use a bigger Loom it works out better because of the width
    okay this is actually eight inches wide this Loom so this will work perfectly
    with it it is also looks to be about eight inches wide so works perfect and
    then we have the larger comb and a lot of times we utilize this for
    um when we're doing uh the weaving of the textiles you can just take that in there
    and sort of push down your warps a little bit to kind of straighten everything and just kind of get in there
    and get it straight it also comes with an absolutely beautiful stand okay
    she is beautiful and you can decorate your stand you can
    decorate all of your pieces that come with it we have done multiple videos on how you can color your
    um beautiful wood here
    um we have I was going to let you know this is made in the USA and it is made
    from 100 sustainable balsa wood I believe
    um so you want to keep that in mind it's a great product made right here in USA not made overseas perfect perfect
    so I want to talk about what you can make with this so we can make jewelry of
    course we can make jewelry we can make home decor we can do fashion items like scarves things like that you can do a
    lot of creative product projects with us um you want to make sure what you're
    taking care of your loom as I spoke we can paint we can do you know we don't
    want to use any water-based products when we are um
    decorating our our Loom what that means is I don't want you using watercolor paints I don't want to use an acrylic
    paints you're going to want to use enamel based alcohol-based patina paints
    um colored pencils even alcohol markers work but stay away from those water
    water-based ones because anytime you have a thin or a wood like this it can
    warp your loom easily it can warp that wood easily and we don't want to do that
    with our beautiful Looms um you can just put like a light coating of
    beeswax on it um if you just want everything to be kind of simple you you don't have to put
    anything on it but you can do the beeswax if you want to keep it basically the same color and you can use stain you can do
    glossier matte anything like that that you like um as I said paint that is
    non-water-based okay so I'm going to turn it down here
    guys and you're going to get a better look at what we have here and it'll be just a moment as I flip
    this down hello to everyone hello yes this is our new time everyone
    we're going to be doing 3 P.M please share this live around for us we also
    appreciate that very much and don't forget to give us a thumbs up as always so let's flip this around
    and go down to the surface so the camera is up very high today you
    will see once it comes on it just takes a moment there we go I'm
    going to turn my other light down so we can see a little better so you can see the camera's up a lot
    higher than I usually do it only because so we can see basically the majority of our beautiful Loom
    um and again you can see here better how these will fit this item perfectly and
    beautifully and our stand so I'm going to move these items out of the way for now because I'm
    going to show you how to warp your loom today
    like I said long term plan for this next few weeks is we're going to work on our
    sunweaver and we we're going to get to know her well basically because some of
    our looms just need to get some love and get out there so there we go
    um uh Joan has posted the link for us
    um let's see I love the drawing on that Loom yes Becky it is gorgeous it is beautiful how they do that and that's
    engraved in that's cut into the wood so it has a texture to it I can't wait to
    get coloring on mine um so basically we're just gonna start and
    we're going to tie I'm gonna have to move this out of the around here in weird angles so you guys
    can see everything but we'll do it since this is larger so I'm just going to go down here on the
    uh or up here on the top left it doesn't matter what end you start on to do your warping and this is just a
    0.5 hemp you can use anything uh to work on this basically
    um be careful when you're using items that have a stretch to it you don't want to pull it too much when you're trying
    to Warp um because it'll get be a really floppy
    warp for you I tend to stay away from anything that has um any kind of elastic in it or anything
    like that so I'm going to lay my 0.5 hemp right in this first Groove here
    and I'm just gonna pull that down here and we're going to do a lot of sliding around today guys
    I'm going to move my bowls out of the way though because I need more room
    and then I'm just going to pull that down now this is a
    um Loom that does not have a bar in it you know our original Loom has the bar in it
    which gives you more tension when you're all done even if you have a
    little bit of give in it when you take that bar out that's going to give you your uh perfect tension okay this these
    wood looms do not have that so you have to be very attentive to how you're warping it so you can keep that tension
    so as I'm pulling this I'm keeping tension the whole time I'm doing it and
    I'm going to go down here on this bottom one because I want some extra stability so I'm going to grab that go through
    those grooves up through into the next Groove here and again keeping tension
    the whole time this is a big mama Tulum or to warp guys
    so you know it's going to take us a minute or two I want to make sure my tension's good I'm kind of checking that
    because for me it's always this first one that I lose the tension on I don't know if anyone else has that issue but
    um so I like to before I go too much further I always like to make sure see and it's loose so
    I'm trying to make sure that I'm gonna get that tension the way I want it just kind of adjusting as I'm going yeah
    there we go so I'm going to wrap it around the bottom here again you can't really see it I guess
    as you can see here and then I'm just going to go through the next Groove keeping that tension I have a good bit
    I'm pulling on this quite a bit but you don't want to be roughhousing your wood
    looms or any of your looms for that matter you want to um keep in mind especially in your
    original it's flexible not bendable these are slightly flexible but not not
    much at all so you want to be very careful when you're warping okay so I'm just
    going to go down here to the bottom again we're going to slide back into frame
    and I'm going to go into the next Groove go down below
    grab through that other Groove and across the top
    now you can decide do you want to go in every Groove do you want to go every other depends on
    the product that you're using I apologize for the dogs barking that's
    part for the course of my house um you can decide on how wide you want your
    um warps to be let me just give a heads up to my husband so he can
    keep the dogs wrangled hair
    okay so now we're just going to continue with our warping here
    and I always like working with textiles that
    seems to be something I like to do in the items that I make even on my pieces
    that I sell so I in thinking about this
    I couldn't decide what I wanted to use to weave with and I thought you know
    what I'm always grabbing the lace whenever I'm creating pieces
    so why not try it let's just try to make a really cool
    piece with laces and ribbons
    it could even be a wall hanging you know that's probably what mine will end up being is um
    a wall hanging because it's going to be a larger piece and you can put a really pretty top on
    it you can even just use simply a stick I know Amber had done a really pretty
    pendant that she made um uh on our live that she uh just used
    went out in the yard got a little stick and put it across the top as she weaved
    it on as the pendant holder the top of the pendant so you could hook it into your
    um piece of jewelry that you were making all right and I'm just going to keep
    going on this guys this is going to take a little while
    hi Zach I see Ms Zack is here from Michigan welcome welcome to everyone
    who's coming in today I know this is a little strange three o'clock I know we're usually on at 7 p.m but this
    really this time works so much better for me so I hope you're able to join us
    every Thursday at three just continue
    same way that's why I got this roll of hemp out because I knew this was going
    to take quite a bit of hemp um does it
    does anyone else um what do you like to weave with or put your warps on with on your textile Looms
    give me some ideas on what you like to use I was gonna actually use sorry silk I'm
    gonna try sorry silk at one point because I love sorry silk I would probably I don't know if I'd go every
    one with my sorry silk as I'm doing with my hemp here but the nice way nice part of doing this you can put textiles in
    but you can also put weave your textiles through but you can also put beads on it which is what makes it so gorgeous as
    you weave in your textiles you can also weave in beads okay
    so as we go we're almost halfway there guys
    you can see why this is all we're doing this week
    all right just keep at it
    I have the smaller son Kelly says I have the smaller Sun Weaver and the larger
    weaving goddess oh there you go what do you like to to use for your warps Kelly
    I'm anxious to hear what Everyone likes to use on their goddesses and Sun Weavers
    and it's staying pretty nice and taut now now that I I got that first half secured I'm keeping the the tension on
    my hands as I'm going going around here and it's
    staying pretty good for attention
    okay all right
    let's go I'm getting all all kinds of ideas as I am warping this thinking about what I could
    do with this love this Loom I have one Melanie says
    awesome what do you what's your favorite thing to warp with on this Loom Melanie
    how about you Joan what do you like
    and you know what guys I'm looking here and I'm gonna go back and fix this it's not the end of the world but you can see
    I didn't grab my teeth down here on these on this uh warp right here so I'm
    gonna actually take this out and I'm gonna go back to that one and do it correctly
    okay I want to be able to keep everything consistent
    so I'm going to put that back in where it's supposed to be grab my lower uh
    grooves there and then continue on I just like
    that the um these lower grooves here that stick out the top they to use those because it
    tends to be able to help me keep my tension better on these types of looms
    apps all right what did I do here
    and even the best of us gets tangled up now and then
    hope that I'm the best of anybody anything but there we go
    so Melanie says I've only done the yarn so far can't wait to make the beaded
    bracelet oh nice nice yeah that's a gorgeous one
    your bracelet came out perfect the one that you did from last month's box Melanie I loved it everybody did such a
    great great job and let's see um
    avonda says are you going under the little teeth on both ends yes yes I am
    dear Kelly says I have used hemp the new bamboo cord is almost as good as hemp
    okay okay Happy New Year to Zach cool
    so we're gonna get on this Adventure ride together guys and see what we can come up with on this beautiful Loom and
    hopefully it helps us all learn a little better about this Loom and what beautiful items we can make with it
    okay almost there sort of
    that's fun though I don't mind warping I I don't it's like a therapeutic thing for me it always has been
    I think that's what I'm going to work on this afternoon is our um our bracelet from this month
    for for our Market from our workshops that is a beauty of course I'll put my own spin on it and
    what that means you all know is pink but
    it's always pink that's that's the spin
    okay and we've got we're doing pretty good look at that guys that's a gorgeous warp
    isn't it not just because I did it but in general this Weaver just looks phenomenal when
    it's all warped up these are beautiful Creations as well as
    perfect items to create on
    our beautiful addition to any room if you put them up on their stand when you're not using them I've even seen
    Melanie use her uh bigger looms as models for her pieces
    love the colors this month yes Melanie it is absolutely stunning and it's nice
    because then you can put whatever material you want in with this month's creative Soul you know Jules did the
    denim which I'm in love with um but I'm gonna use I think pink sorry silk
    hi Sherry hi oh and hi Brenda Brenda how's everything
    glad you can make it to our new time I'm hoping this works out for everyone
    thank you oops and see I skipped one so we're gonna go back
    and let that up and put this where it needs to be
    just always just keep track of what you're doing do as I say not as I do I guess
    we're almost there guys now wait a minute okay guys are you
    seeing this these are all learning experiences do you see that
    that's no good that's that is loose down there so again we're going to backtrack
    everything is fixable everything you can go back and just grab
    that one and put it in through the grooves put it down through
    where it's supposed to be and up and now we're we have that that's
    taut now okay instead of being loose and hanging down okay
    and we're almost there
    working our way across
    yes I believe we're gonna just make this sun Weaver month if you guys come up
    come up with any projects that you're making be sure of course on any of the Looms but especially on the sun Weaver
    this month I would love to see what everyone is making and coming up with
    foreign so glad you were all able to make it to
    the new time
    we're gonna get everyone adjusted so we're gonna take a little bit of time but people will probably still be looking
    for us at 7 pm for a while but hopefully we can get everyone adjusted
    it's only a few more guys
    foreign go back to the large butterfly
    this butterfly is that what you mean Robin are you
    talking to me even I guess is the question because I know you girls get into your own conversations on there
    so I'm gonna back that one out because it's giving me it's being a bit fiddly
    make sure everything is where I want it
    looks like you skipped a Groove I skipped a Groove I skipped a Groove
    can you guide me into the direction of the skipped Groove
    go back seven uh oh no
    what did I do you are right Kelly right there good all
    right all right let's let's fix that good I see that's my girl's
    paying attention good job
    I would have been like so disappointed when I tied that off
    so as you can see it's easy to do and I'm preaching to you about paying
    attention but you do need to keep your eye on what you're doing and try not to read comments in the live I
    guess so let's go back we're going back quite a ways here
    but this shows you that everything is fixable guys everything is fixable
    butterfly okay did you skip a tooth on the top on
    purpose no I didn't yes mistake you made go back okay
    perfect everybody saw it but me okay here we are
    the heck into the correct Groove I think so
    yes everything looks very groovy
    no pun intended I think I'm funny
    all right guys thank you so much for that
    even teachers are not perfect that's for sure we all learn together
    yeah that butterfly I know it's beautiful isn't it Robin
    this one on here they're gorgeous I think she did beautiful
    design on this for sure okay we're making sure we're gonna stay in the grooves here
    I was gonna bring my colored pencils up and work on coloring it with you but I
    thought we'd rather um we can do that in another video if you'd like
    um work on a project on it you know because that's where all of our Heart and souls are as we like to we like to make
    projects so let's go into that Groove
    guys keep an eye on me sun and butterflies matches the one in the earring charm kits yes it does
    yes it does and here I tried skipping one over here guys it does match it
    very very pretty so when you're carrying your loom around you could wear your earring
    earrings that you made with the wood pieces and
    you'd just be so matching the awesome
    I'm just going to kind of concentrate here guys because we're getting up to the end and I don't
    want us to have any more trouble
    oh that's a job
    and then back that one up smidge
    go right here
    that's my dog if you hear the noises guys that's my older dog
    okay we are getting there
    yes that's right Kelly no watercolor paints I did discuss all that at the
    beginning so if you missed it you can go back and listen to on the replay
    um I did give some suggestions on stuff that you can use but you don't want
    anything water-based as Kelly said because it's gonna
    warp your loom and no one wants that
    you've got it now honey yep [Laughter] I you know I get it eventually Zack you
    know we figure out and I think we are good you guys check me out before I tie off
    but I think we did okay we're in good business
    okay so now I'm just going to turn this as toward me and kind of back it up here
    so you guys can see I'm gonna move this keyboard because I'm going to type something and I'm just going to cut
    wrap this around a couple times and then I'm going to cut it around this back tooth
    this larger tooth on the far left and then I'm just going to cut my
    are you helping me of my little Kaylee in here helping me um
    and you're just gonna tie it off just like you do on any of your other Looms
    you're going to want to tie that off go in under those loops
    it's a little awkward for my hands to work correctly but I'm sure you all have hands that work
    better than mine unfortunately that was one of the things
    I lost there's so much coordination in my hands
    but that's okay we gained so much more don't we
    just keep on going all right so I'm just tying that off
    I'm gonna do another one [Music]
    cool come on out sir
    no Kaylee boy they have just been on a roll today
    haven't they guys okay I use my tweet or my pliers there
    to kind of pull the string through because I want to be able to
    okay pull that through easily
    and I was gonna get her out of here
    all right so you've got that tied hey
    come on lay down
    the littlest opening in the blind she can look out and bark at someone but hey
    I haven't trued the alcohol tried the alcohol markers yet my granddaughter got me a 24 piece set yesterday they look
    fantastic on your um on your wood looms I love them because
    they're very like the colored pencils are beautiful too but they're muted so if you like a brighter color
    then you will definitely like the alcohol markers on the on the pieces of
    wood on your earrings or whatever that you do make so we are warped here guys and we are ready
    for next week make sure for next week you gather up your laces and trims and
    whatever else get your sunweaver warped and we you can work along with me as we
    create a beautiful wall piece let me just get my camera turned around here
    okay there we are ooh alcohol marker Sherry I've never
    tried they are I use those all the time Faithfully um they do work very well in the wood
    products as well that is it for this week and I'm having
    bangs issues and I never know which direction to go
    so um thank you guys thank you guys for sticking around here coming through on
    the new time um as always I enjoy being with you and
    next week be ready get your son Weaver all warped we will try to have stifled
    dogs next week I do apologize um and we get your trims and laces out
    and we will create something beautiful together so I'll see you next week guys
    Transcript - Pt 2:
    hi guys we're back we're back it is Thursday at three o'clock Eastern time
    and here we are again I'm excited to see that Robin already commented that she got her sunweaver and it's warped and
    ready to go so that'll be really fun Robin can you can make along with me I
    know you guys like to do that um not a whole lot new on the front over
    on this end just kind of plugging away as usual so good to see everyone coming
    in please don't forget to give us a thumbs up and share this live feed out or if
    you are watching the replay to please share that with your friends there is a link there for sunweaver if
    you haven't gotten the chance to get yours um my name is Trisha guys on by the way
    um I am here for jewel loom as always and I want to let you guys know that
    jewel loom does have a YouTube channel so if you're not on there you're on Facebook head over and subscribe to that
    because that's where all of our tutorials live they also on there's a Blog you can
    visit we have a lot of the tutorials up there if you're not a YouTube person
    um also I have my own YouTube channel Trisha's pink poodle jewelry studio if you haven't checked that out I greatly
    appreciate a thumbs up and a subscription to my channel I always try to put up um unique and different
    versions of making some fun stuff so today we're going to talk about the
    sunweaver again and we're gonna get into doing our project so let me just switch my camera around
    hello to everyone that's coming in let me just switch my camera so we're
    down on the top on the desk here okay
    just takes a minute no one panic there we go there we go
    um here is our sunweaver that we warped I can't fit the whole thing in there at the same time but because that's about
    as high as my camera will go but you can see last week we did warp this beauty
    and get her ready to go to receive some fibers I'm going to use some ribbon some
    lace some fibers just to kind of make myself a beautiful wallet hanging for my
    studio right now I'm gonna do um some colors of Browns Tans whites
    um beige things like that these are the ones that I've pulled maybe do a pop of color with that mustard
    um so these are all um just odds and ends of ribbons that I had that
    I bought from Michael's or if I um
    uh you know picked up here or there so um Joan did post something here guys as
    a reminder the sun Weaver like all the jewel loom wood looms is made of sustainable Baltic Birch and is made in
    the USA so make sure you keep that in mind it's an awesome product and the way
    that it's done is also fantastic so we're going to start weaving we have
    our needle here that comes with the beautiful sunweaver and I have my little
    comb so if I decide I can push down my fibers and my rivets and guys it's
    just as simple and make sure you have a piece of our excuse me not a piece of but a pair of scissors handy too
    and it's just as simple as picking out a ribbon and I'll put this here so you
    can kind of see where we're going to start let's start with a little piece of lace
    how about that this pretty lace and these are fairly long pieces but
    um I mean this is quite a width but I think we'll still have some extra on the end
    so I'm just going to start by putting my lace just through the hole in my needle
    and I'm just going to start right to left because that's what works best for me when I'm doing these kind of projects
    and we're just going to start by going over under over under
    over under the whole way across now you can
    warp this so you have bigger widths in between your
    um warps you have more space between your warps so say you could skip two or three
    of the grooves and make yourself some more room if you wanted to do that
    I am actually going to try doing this by in in a few more steps here by by
    skipping Looms in between so I'll go say over this outside one and then go under
    four or five of them or over four or five of them just to kind of see how it works
    and I think we might be able to do that just to kind of incorporate some bigger
    uh ribbons or laces into it let me know if you've ever tried anything like that
    and you can see here guys I just started like right above this base piece because I want to make sure I have the string or
    the hemp to tie it off and my idea let me see where I put my little I probably
    won't be able to find it now oh here it is I found this gorgeous piece of heart lace
    and I think I want to incorporate this across the bottom of my piece once it's all done so I want to kind of leave
    enough room that I can can do that whether I'll glue it on to then I don't haven't decided yet but I know I'd like
    to do that so we're just going to pull this lace across okay
    and it's laying that way I'm fine with that and then I want to position it where I
    want my first piece to be which is about right there
    and then I'm just going to take on this outside warp here I'm just going to tie
    a simple knot around this outside warp to hold on my
    lace okay to attach my lace to the hemp because we want this to be
    secure as well as beautiful so I'm just going to give that a little squeeze just to kind of get that pull this across
    make sure make sure guys when you're adjusting when you're pulling you're not warping warping your warps basically by
    making them out of shape okay so now we have that side in
    so I think I'm going to continue maybe with another row of this above and this
    is just you know play as you go decide what you like as you go
    this is the uh large Sun Weaver here Sherry
    I think Joan has the link for it there for you guys in the chat
    yes this one's really cool you'll make a lot on this and you can also
    um use use it front to back and make some really pretty long pieces
    and we're just doing the same thing we're just going over under and that's really as far as a as a uh
    textile project like this um those are the basic steps it's just a
    matter of designing your piece as you go
    with what materials you want to use and we're just going to do some lace and ribbons let's do something a little
    different here I love my lace I use lace in a lot of my pieces that I make ribbons and sorry silks and stuff so
    this is right up my alley so I'm going to pull this across
    so we have our two rows of that
    now I'm going to kind of adjust this Loop here because I want it to be a little
    bit more flat against the the edge of my warps you could certainly
    have tied this and made a knot and then did the next one but this doesn't bother me I don't mind that this is sticking
    out I'm just gonna kind of I'm working on adjusting that to where I like it and
    see this one went in the other way so it kind of looks really cool because with two different directions right there
    so that's kind of cool right let me spread that one out a little bit
    all right and then I'm just going to tie this one off over here as well and then we'll maybe use the other piece
    as we go it's just over and we have our scissors handy there
    okay I'm just going to tie it a knot just
    like we did on the first one all right
    I hope everything is going smoothly for those following along with us here as always if you have any questions
    please leave them in the comments for us we'll be happy to answer them
    okay so I'm just gonna snug that up a little bit
    and then I'm going to cut the lace off and we're going to go into
    something else so let's do it's so hard to decide when you have so
    many choices you know I like this this measuring tape ribbon is super cool so I
    think we're going to try to incorporate that a little bit whoops sorry guys
    and again I'm just putting that through the needle foreign
    and then we're going to start the same way we're going to go over and
    under the way across
    and these needles are designed specifically to work with these these type of looms and they are Priceless
    they work fantastic on these Looms and the width is just perfect
    um to get you the whole way across so you can get your needle across and
    then once you're sure you're through the warps the way you want to be you can pull that needle and it puts your
    material right where you want it okay so again I'm just going to pull
    that through as we did before
    let's move that down that's kind of cool I like that and I'm just going to take this little comb and put it in my warps
    and just kind of compact everything a little bit because I wanted to be sitting fairly
    close together remove that actually to tie a knot and then we're going to tie knots on
    both sides of this one
    now once I get this textile done which will take us a little while but
    um we may I may go back and like sew some beads into it as well
    so that'll be fun just get like um you can get like a check mix
    um Jules has all kinds of a that you can get and just pepper in through on top of your
    textiles that looks really cute that's like
    um our project in December our Cree our jewel loom Jewel box was
    um using the textiles and the beads and
    then pepper and the beads in on top of the textiles it was super cute
    when learning fibers do you ever add a few row of beads for stability or is
    that not necessary Terry you can add the beads on top you can add the beads in
    um you can certainly do whatever I haven't found that I need it for stability
    I think if you leave your fibers in and knot them off correctly on the edges you
    won't need that for stability it'll be fine but as always you know more the
    better so definitely feel free to put your beads in if you'd like to
    we're just gonna go pure textiles today so I'm gonna get my needle and then this is
    a wider one so let's see how this one goes across I think it's going to look really cool
    okay so same thing right above the other
    yeah I couldn't wait to get into this project I I've been looking at my warped Loom for a week and I'm like oh I can't wait
    to put those laces into it and the Browns and tan and white just go
    well so well together I think so I'm just gonna lift this warp up because I'm having trouble
    getting it up where I want it so I'm just going to lift that just slightly and then continue
    across okay and try to keep your knit your needle
    fairly straight it helps to keep things in order as far as when you pull it
    through okay it keeps things neater and you're not trying to pull the
    textiles down as well as well as a cross okay oh look
    at that one now it twisted a little bit I think
    we'll be able to get the the twist out of it pretty easily yep
    so I'm just gonna adjust that across the way that I wanted it
    so I have room to tie and then I'm just going to take
    my little comb and work that down and compact it
    I think I'm gonna have to put a little bead mat under us here because we're Slip Sliding Away and I'm not liking
    that too much this may help let's put one up top too
    much for good measure guys there we go maybe that'll help move she
    won't move around so much on us okay so we have our bigger piece of lace in there
    yeah Terry that needle is fantastic I mean all the needles that are made for
    the uh wood looms like this they're just like I said they're
    irreplaceable they really make the projects easier so again just tying a knot
    wouldn't it be pretty just though as to Terry's point just to sew some beads
    right on top of this lace right through that metal part that has the the you
    know the material going down through it so again I'm just going to cut
    and tie off that's a little shorter than I like to have to tie off but it'll work
    hopefully let me take my little needle here and help me
    put my material through the middle of my knot
    so I can get that through
    it's like you making your own fabric yeah it kind of is Zach it kind of is
    uh Deborah says I use silicone baking sheets under my things to hold them while I work that is brilliant
    yeah a little peekaboo lace put some beads down the middle that'd be great
    wouldn't it Terry I'm just still fighting this guy here
    don't cut your material too short or you'll be doing this do as I say not as I do you know that
    guys you know that no
    all right I think
    there she comes all right so put this back in the place I wanted
    it so I don't have my warps messed up here and
    I think we're good natsuki there okay so fun part again let's pick out
    some more fun stuff
    and we're going to use this really pretty floral ribbon next
    again putting it down through the hole of our needle just like threading a needle but it's way easier because the
    hole is so much bigger and the material is so much bigger so we're just going to work this across
    now when I if you guys remember I used the 0.5 to warp this
    um so sometimes the the strings being thinner it's a little bit of a trick to to grab them it's not too bad but
    sometimes you just have to take them and lift them up a little bit just to kind of get things where you want them
    okay again we've got a Twist so we're just
    going to work that to get that to flip over for us I'm just taking my fingers down between
    the warps all right
    and I kind of like the way this lace is laying
    um you could certainly push it down further and give it more of a bunched look I'll show you that
    okay you could certainly do that too um but if you want to open like I had it you
    can certainly do that too see if I can get it there we go
    okay there's a little Floral and I'm just going to cut the ribbon
    right Vicky you are correct on that it is not as crucial to have the warp so
    tight and you know as tight as it is when you're stitching in beads that's a very
    good point my friend all right so you guys are getting the
    idea kind of going with the flow here
    all right
    so tying that off and
    putting the ribbon in the position that I want just making sure it's
    next to that lace and then I'm going to tie this side off
    foreign yeah that would be pretty that would be
    pretty too doing it like ruching I did kind of like that maybe we will
    do that Zach I I think I'll just like it better
    let's do it there we go let's see what this one looks like a little bit
    oh yeah that's better I am liking that better actually cool you guys are so smart
    all right see what we have here how about some furry stuff guys does that sound good
    see if we can pepper in a little bit of this
    this is so fun I love this is one of my favorite things about living is doing the textiles
    and having the choice to build your pro project like that with the materials versus the beads I do love the beading
    part believe me but um
    the textiles are certainly fun as well all right and we're just doing the same
    thing just slowly weaving back and forth
    okay almost across there
    Robin says I'm using a Bernat Casa mix quesa mixed yarn
    texture in teal Sea Foam and cream color oh my gosh Robin post that girl I want
    to see it that sounds gorgeous absolutely stunning please make sure and
    post that in the jewel loom um jewelry making with jewel loom group
    please I would love to see that I'm sure you're all going to make beautiful projects
    always do
    okay in this end
    some awesome come on
    little strings are a little tricky there we go
    so we're getting there building our little project here
    I want to use this green in here somewhere but I don't know I probably should have
    enough to get it across um but let's pick something later right now
    okay how about this this is fun I had these all neat laid out perfectly
    beautiful and you can see what I'm doing to them over here that's the fun part right that's part
    that's one of the fun parts of doing it making a mess so this is what I picked
    we're gonna play with this here this would also be a pretty one to sew beads into the voids of it
    I just picked up some lion mandala Yarns that will be perfect for this great
    Terry I'm so excited to hear that
    and thank you Joan for putting that up for me sweetie
    you guys are the best I love working with you guys and doing
    these lives with you that brings me so much joy
    okay oh let's see this is going to be a fun one to get across
    we're gonna have to work it across by moving these warps just kind of giving it a little pull I
    don't wanna pull too hard because we just want to work it over it's really thick to be
    going across so you can see I'm just picking up my warps and then just giving a pull and then moving my warps
    give it a pull I just don't want to mess up our warps
    here as we're doing this so we're just going to take it slow and gentle across being very careful that everything stays
    in place as we go
    I mean you know me I have to try if it's something different I have to
    try it I'm one of those what what do you have to lose try it you know
    if it doesn't work take it back out right I've always been that I was taught that
    growing up it's gonna hurt to try try it
    especially in arts and crafts and beading and all that it
    um most of the time you can pretty much fix anything so
    that's what I figure so I'm just going to tie this one off and I did give that just a little push down just to kind of
    uh make it more together use the ruching effect as Zach said
    okay it went like that one in there I like it you guys think so far
    this is a wonderful form of therapy guys just doing these types of projects
    okay oh that one's cool I like that
    I need it really Vicky says um oh good you found your combs Terry uh
    Vicky said I need a really big needle because this like jeans or leggings on
    [Music] they're Goofy and they have needles too yay okay good you guys are getting this
    all sorted out good job all right let's put this little
    piece of green in with that little pop I think that would be pretty
    okay I'll put that through and don't forget guys if you are looking for products or my links are always in
    the description and I it's so greatly appreciated if you
    use my affiliate link it doesn't cost you anything extra it just helps me out
    so thank you ahead of time for that
    all right so we're just going to do the same thing work it across
    this one's thinner so it'll come across pretty easy
    yeah I was gonna do pink on this as you all might think but um I'm like I gotta do something
    different for those girls all I do is Pink so I thought well wouldn't this be
    pretty okay
    and um like I said for the ribbons and stuff I think this was one of the mixes that
    Michael's carry sometimes where they have like a whole bunch of different types of um textiles together
    works well because they've already done the workout for the colors you know
    but I definitely like the idea of doing the Yarns you know I like my fuzzy Yarns so we're
    just going to tie this one off
    okay and then push that down a little bit
    okay I think I'm gonna do I think I have a yes I do I have a dark
    brown of those tape measure ribbons I really like those I think they're cool they're kind of
    vintage looking you know so we'll put that through our needle
    just like so and this will be our last one for today guys
    let's get this little guy secured
    all right so we cut that one across
    this little guy over here very cute
    I think this needs some feather feather Rose oh girl
    I have feathers and in this color family too actually I
    think I have them handy right here that would be so cute look at that wouldn't that go good
    yeah I'm always up for some feathers
    yeah I use all this kind of stuff in a lot of the pieces that I make um for my Etsy business which if you
    haven't checked my Etsy Shop out guys give it a little peek my links are all
    in the description but I um I like to work a lot with all that kind
    of stuff it's fun over the top of it's over the top I'm all for it so
    hey guys so that's a good place to stop for this week let me get my camera turned around
    [Music] so you guys have the basics so work on
    that for next week um and we'll continue with our project next week and possibly sew some beads in
    um and then we'll see the following week we will probably end up taking it off
    the loom and adding the lace that we want to um at that point so we'll be good to go
    so I hope you guys have a great weekend this weekend and as always I love being
    here with you enjoy you so much and thank you for always supporting us and sharing
    our lives and all of our other videos thank you Deborah thank you everyone
    have a wonderful weekend I'll see you next week guys bye-bye
    Transcript - Pt 3:
    hey guys welcome in welcome in it's
    Thursday again and it's time for some
    today we're gonna be working with the
    sunweaver once again we're going to be
    doing another step in our process you
    can see this is the the
    um progress that I've made I hope you
    all has you have had a chance to work on
    yours as well
    um my name is Trisha gaizon I'm here on
    behalf of jewel loom
    we do have sorry guys I'm kind of being
    distracted here apologize let's get rid
    of that
    um we actually have a YouTube channel uh
    Joel Loom and we also have a Blog that
    you can visit don't forget to stop over
    at Joe I also have my own
    YouTube channel and social media that's
    uh Pink Poodle jewelry Studio
    and we see I see here we got some guys
    coming in here let's see oh there
    Danielle there's Bonnie and Zach hi guys
    so good to see all of you always
    so good to see you oh I was playing with
    some beautiful John Beads today Daniel
    my favorite rose color
    hi Nicole hi everybody
    we'll give
    um you folks just a couple minutes to
    come on in there's my link for my uh
    link tree which you can find all of my
    social media on there I do like I said
    have a YouTube channel and on that I do
    instruction so we do jewelry instruction
    which is fun I enjoy doing that
    but let's turn the camera down here guys
    and we're gonna get to work because we
    do have some limited time here so let me
    turn my camera
    be just a moment
    hi Sabrina yay
    okay here we are this is the Beast
    this is the work that I've gotten done
    on mine I've used various laces and
    um just a variety of stuff I use like
    this piece of um almost feels like
    corduroy or something like that I
    thought that would be a really pretty
    place to sew in some beads and if you
    notice here guys
    I did a lot at the bottom I did
    um everyone and then I did some
    where I did like every other I did some
    where I did every three every four I did
    and then back up here I did every one
    that I went through so what I'm saying
    is on the warps I went through all the
    warps on some of them and only a few of
    the warps on the other
    I found that works uh for the bigger
    pieces that you want to use such as this
    or this
    um these big fluffy pieces things like
    that if you don't go through all of them
    um it kind of gives you a different look
    you can see how this is kind of puff
    puffing up here words
    and like this one I wanted to make sure
    to be able to have
    The Fringe sticking out you know because
    you know me more is more
    this and Nicole this is actually the
    sunweaver it's fairly new
    um I don't know if you can see there we
    go at the bottom
    um it's fairly new this is the large
    which I absolutely adore and love she is
    absolutely gorgeous and so fun
    I really enjoyed this project only
    because if not only
    um because it's so therapeutic to do
    this in my opinion it's a very
    um to be able to just weave and just go
    natural and just smoothly and you don't
    have to worry about perfection it's just
    a fun
    um project so you can kind of check out
    on it a little bit when you're working
    on it and kind of just relax
    so that being said guys we're going to
    cut this project off of the Loom today
    and we'll show you how to tie it off I
    do want to add some beads and some other
    Trims and charms and stuff like that but
    I don't know that we're going to time
    for that today we will definitely do
    that next week if we run out of time
    so all I'm gonna do here guys and it's
    going to be hard to see because it's
    such a large Loom but do the best we can
    here so I have tied off
    my hemp on either side here when I
    started and when I ended so all I'm
    gonna do here is simply just take a pair
    of scissors and you want to make sure
    you're supporting your work always
    making sure that everything
    is okay and we're just gonna trim with
    that kind of blocks you but we're gonna
    trim those warps
    and as I'm going across I'm just
    snipping them
    I've left plenty of room on my work
    to uh be able to tie this off with no
    and we're just snipping along here we
    have lots of
    I think I counted and there were 37 or
    38. grooves so
    there's quite a lot you can do with that
    many grooves
    to be able to create with
    almost there in this side
    oops those two and then that one
    so let's see if we got all of them yes
    we did
    She's a Beauty
    and then I'm just gonna lift my project
    up and off
    okay so let me set her to the side so
    she doesn't get
    broken for sure let me just clear this
    so it's nice that Danielle has joined us
    today because I'm actually going to use
    one of the techniques that she showed us
    which is super awesome I'm just going to
    work these loops
    down so we can go ahead and
    um we don't have to tie the top off or
    the bottom whatever it's going to be
    um and then we can use this end and put
    whatever we want our hanger to be on
    this end okay so this is just a little
    challenge for me to see if I can get
    this to work and yes it looks like it's
    going to
    and I'm just going to pull
    here's my warp I'm looking for
    and I'm just going to gently pull down
    on these and I don't want my work to
    curl up as I'm doing it we're just going
    to take it nice and slow
    we're going to pour Loops down
    that one
    and you don't want to make you want to
    make sure you do not warp your work just
    go nice and slow
    hi Maria
    yes we love Miss Daniel
    she is a talented lady for sure
    all right so I'm just working that down
    you can see we got our first one down
    here and it's just going to finish that
    side for you now what you could do since
    these are Loops if you wanted to just
    stick your
    you know if you're going to use a stick
    in here or a metal rod or whatever you
    could put that in and just put it in
    that way I think I like to tie mine on
    because what I'm thinking is
    um that I can add beads and charms and
    stuff like that around the the posts
    that I'm going to use at the top by
    using the hemp
    just tie them onto the hump you know
    so I'm just gonna pull these down I'm
    still working here
    and this is what we're gonna do
    and I see Joan did put up that the
    sunweaver is made of sustainable Baltic
    birch wood
    and the USA so guys keep that in mind we
    always want to we always want to support
    small business and we always want to
    support folks who make an effort to uh
    use sustainable products
    okay so we're going down here
    this is working great
    this was like a test for me so I thought
    we could just we could just learn
    together and see if it would work on
    something like this
    and it looks like it might
    I always like trying out
    new techniques on
    different items you know
    all right so we're good there
    see if we're going to grab this one
    and we're just going to do the same
    just want to make sure you're keeping
    hemp straight
    as to what you're going to use here
    to pull down your loops
    and I'm kidding keep my hand up here as
    I'm pulling this because I do not want
    my work my work to get all
    out of shape I want to keep everything
    the way that I made it
    and you can see how we're doing there
    and then just pulling and it looks like
    Joan has posted that the care of your
    sunweaver is actually uh been done into
    a video and I believe Miss Jones did it
    didn't you Joan
    um yes she sure did so go head over and
    watch that video on how to care for your
    wooden looms uh Joan is a genius
    explaining everything and you definitely
    want to go check that out
    and support Miss Joan and Joel
    I know guys it's like watching paint dry
    but it's the process
    there's no hurry Along on this
    just take your time
    I'm really digging the style
    hi Melanie
    hi Deborah oh thank you so much so much
    so always so glad to see all of you
    we are getting there
    oh thank you I'm so glad I'm so you are
    I'm so glad you are inspired because to
    you know use different items outside the
    box you know me that's always what I am
    is I like to be outside the box and
    try things and if it doesn't work it
    doesn't work but
    always try new things especially with
    your Looms
    they're so versatile and there's so so
    much you can do with them
    I just want to make sure my top here
    doesn't get messed up so
    sort of pull those up a little bit
    and that's the nice thing you can kind
    of readjust as you go until you tie it
    off you know
    oh thank you Deb
    you guys are so sweet
    I don't know
    we got a great group of girls here
    that's for sure okay so we're right
    let's see which one's gonna work for us
    this one yes
    just as I'm going I'm making sure I'm
    not squishing down my ribbon on the top
    too this will probably be the bottom but
    on my bottom too much there I kind of
    want it to stay the way that I put it
    all right
    we're getting there guys
    okay okay
    looking good
    about halfway there
    just want to get that there it is
    sometimes you just kind of gotta
    try different strings especially when
    you have so many of them
    thank you Marianne thank you so much
    thank you Melanie
    you've been coloring your loom Melanie
    that's awesome
    that's always fun to do
    I love doing that
    to our next one here
    okay those are a little bit Tangled so
    I'm just going to make sure I get those
    untangled as I'm working so I can keep
    straight what I'm doing here
    let's see if you guys can still see
    because I tend to move my work close to
    as I'm working
    we all do that
    and here I'm just testing to see
    I want this Loop to go down so I'm just
    trying to see yep that's the one I think
    nope next one
    there we go
    there it is
    it's just very important that you work
    slowly guys doing this I know I've said
    before but
    you do not want to mess up all your work
    and don't be afraid to also for your
    warping guys try different things
    for your warping because
    that'll give you a different look
    when you use different items to warp
    your moon
    there's lots of ones I still want to try
    lots of items I want to try to work with
    just as long as it's not stretchy
    I mean even at that if it is a little
    stretchy you just
    if you use one of the wood Looms
    it's a
    will be better than putting it on
    necessarily but something that has a bar
    or you can just leave you can leave your
    bar in on your original
    while you do it
    and just don't take it out at the end
    that way then
    it's not going to stretch whatever you
    have there that goes with leather as
    well the wooden looms are fantastic for
    leather they're great for um
    something like that that you don't want
    to stretch out I mean they're great for
    everything but especially on items like
    this month I think we're using uh yes we
    are in our
    um jewel loom Jewel box we're using a
    a stretchy cord I believe it's repeat
    correct me if I'm wrong Joan but I think
    it's called repeat from beadalon
    is it yes okay
    yeah that's going to be
    so it looks so soft to lay your arms on
    and to rest beautiful thank you
    it is soft and it is I I you know I
    think it's beautiful and I I put my time
    and my heart into it and that's that's
    all that matters is that we like
    what we're doing and enjoy the process
    almost there
    two more guys
    now we don't want our little ribbon here
    in the end to slide out too so you want
    to be careful of that oh thank you
    Nicole thank you honey
    I thought it was something different for
    me I'm always doing pink and pastels and
    I mean this is light but it's not my
    usual color palette so trying to
    you know be outside the box here a
    little bit
    we almost got her
    don't want to rush at the end and then
    mess everything up
    and I'm just gonna go back through once
    I get this last Loop pulled and I'm
    going to adjust my bottom before I
    my bottom ribbon before I tie this off
    you can just see I was moving my hand
    back and forth
    you can put lightweight beads on the
    bottom yeah well this is going to be the
    top I'm going to tie my but you could
    certainly put
    any kind of beads you could use this as
    your top if you wanted to sew in
    um but yeah that'd be great you could
    put like strands of beads down here some
    beautiful seed beads like even like
    three O's I think uh yes as a matter of
    fact I do know uh Jules has just put in
    these really cool
    3-0 seed beads guys those would be
    perfect on the bottom of something like
    I want to get some and try them
    they are beautiful okay so now that I've
    got the top done here all pulled in now
    I'm going to start tying off the bottom
    I've got everything the way I want it up
    and I'm going to put this here so you
    can see clearly
    and I'm just going to start tying
    off my project
    simple as just tying some knots on the
    bottom again you don't want to Warp
    your bottom
    Ribbon or any of them for that matter
    but especially as you're tying you don't
    want to mess up here
    your ribbon and I'm just tying as we
    normally do when we take our hemp off
    to tie the ends to secure everything in
    place I'm just doing a double knot there
    and I'm just going to go the way across
    doing that
    just making sure all my threads are
    where I want them
    it's tying
    double knots
    I'm just trying to keep
    all the threads separated so I know what
    I've tied what I've not tied
    enough that it's secure
    all right
    so that goes with that so let's do
    these two and I'm just picking the ones
    that are side by side and just tying
    those that's the easiest way to do it
    you could also if you wanted to and you
    didn't want to do single knots across
    here you could grab you know three or
    four of them and just do one big knot
    with them that would be cute
    I'll show you that
    just by taking three or four strands and
    then you're just gonna
    put that into a big knot
    that'll give you a different look so if
    you wanted to put some of the single
    knots some of the
    you know multiple knots
    I would definitely give you texture and
    interest in your project
    so I'm just working that out just like
    tighten in that
    and see that's going to give me a
    different look as opposed to the single
    strands okay
    but I like to do I like to keep them you
    know interesting and do multiples of
    each but
    um next week before we get too far here
    we will be
    um finishing decorating our piece we're
    going to be adding some beads and charms
    Etc on here
    so that'll be fine I have some ideas to
    um some beautiful lace that I found
    maybe just across the bottom
    and do some great
    do some beads dangling from the bottom
    maybe and
    uh what was I thinking sorry guys I want
    charms too I have lots of cute charms I
    would like to put on it I remember amber
    made me one and I'll have to bring it up
    next week to show you guys she made me a
    beautiful wall it was a smaller version
    but it was the same kind of concept used
    all kinds of ribbons and laces and
    um sorry silks in my colors that I love
    and she made this really cool piece that
    reflected me she had everything I love
    on there just like
    she had Owl charms and she has all kinds
    of like friends things and just
    beautiful so you can make these personal
    and make them gifts for folks you know
    that's something that they're not gonna
    find anywhere else and it's going to
    mean so much to them because they know
    you were thinking of them as you were
    making it and putting it together
    I know I talk a lot that's what my
    husband says
    I wish I could hear you Joan Joan and I
    are having some uh technical
    difficulties this week where I'm not
    able to hear my friend so
    that's okay we work it out don't we John
    almost there
    do a couple more of these big ones
    let's get that last thread through there
    because there are shorter ones and
    longer ones
    just make sure you get them through the
    where'd you go now
    there he is
    as you're tying
    now this is very earthy this is very
    it's not perfect if if you're looking
    for something to be
    perfectly honed you can certainly do
    um but my idea on this was to keep it
    kind of you know to have a flow and to
    just kind of look unique and earthy
    you know but you could do something
    that's you know very much
    like we could go through every one of
    the warps
    on every piece of material that you use
    and then you know do a very neat finish
    on the bottom you know there's a hundred
    ways you can uh make this make these
    projects work for you for sure
    a lot of strings to tie
    almost there
    I'm gonna do a few singles
    yes and as always
    feel free to contact Jules with any
    questions on anything
    to do with your Looms
    so we're gonna do one more on the end
    make sure I have that
    where I want it
    pull that through
    a little bit and then I'm going to go
    back and make sure I have everything
    tightened and neatly assembled the way
    that I want it to be make sure all of my
    ribbons are in the place that I want but
    that's the basic concept guys we've took
    we've taken it off the loom today and we
    have tied our knots to secure it in
    place and pulled our Loops down so we
    have a really nice looking bottom to it
    or top whatever whatever way you want to
    use it so I'm going to turn my camera
    around here guys
    so yeah this was fun we got this far and
    we're gonna add some beads to it next
    week I have some really cool gold beads
    I want to attach to it like I said some
    charms and maybe some other uh laces
    anything like that yes Sherry thank you
    so much beautiful Laurel art and she
    calls it rustic that's the word I was
    looking for rustic
    um I appreciate that thank you everyone
    thank you
    I can't wait to see how I finish it
    either I have some ideas but so next
    week make sure you bring your wildfire
    and your needle and your project and any
    kind of beads or anything that you want
    to add on
    to your project charms I mean pretty
    much the sky's the limit buttons you
    could put a lot of different things on
    it so for this week guys I'm gonna sign
    off and we'll see you next week to get
    this project all tied up thank you so
    much Nicole thanks guys bye-bye
    Transcript - Pt 4:
    hey everybody welcome into Julian School live my name
    is Trisha gaison I am here on behalf of Jill Loom today and this is going to be
    part four of our sun Weaver experience for the month of January
    um we've had some fun Parts where we started out by warping in part one and then in part two uh we did some weaving
    and in part three we took it off the loom and tied everything up and this
    week we're going to be doing some fun embellishments onto the piece that we
    created and this is the beautiful Loom that I'm talking about here actually I still have my thread on there and there we go the
    sun Weaver this is the large sunweaver which is absolutely stunning let me make sure I get it in the camera here
    beautiful beautiful and makes beautiful pieces
    just love it beautiful so that is what's going on today I'll let you guys come on
    in and join
    today is going to be so fun I do want to start out by showing you the piece that
    amber made for me I promised you last week that
    um I would show you that piece so I'm gonna go ahead and turn the camera down here
    let's see and remember it gets back for just a moment but we're all good
    this is my beautiful piece that amber made for me I just wanted to show you
    this because there's a lot of good ideas on embellishing your pieces on here
    you can see she did it in my colors the pinks the purples and whites
    and then up here at the top she used some sorry silk to tie on she put a cute
    little pin up here she did some chain with different kinds of charms that represented me
    um some cute beads that were screaming my name and the sorry Silk's gorgeous
    there's some more chain down here with an owl let me turn this light down that'll probably help you some there we
    go with another owl and a cross just really cute
    very well done this hangs in my living room from one of my little hangers
    little quote on there some beads little beads with the name on and things
    like that hello welcome in everybody hi Anita don't forget to share this out as
    always share this on Facebook if you're on Facebook on YouTube if you are on
    YouTube and if you're watching the replay we would appreciate a like and a
    comment and don't forget to give us a thumbs up guys wherever you are so that is that beautiful piece that I had
    so let's get on to what we're gonna do today this is our
    piece um that we've made on the sunweaver over this month I decided to do it in you
    know mustards and greens and you know whites creams Browns all that stuff kind
    of to keep it neutral so what I've done here in interim since last week to this week I
    did put a hanger on it and all I did here is I used some jute I did not put
    um any kind of post or anything through here or obscure or whatever you could put a
    um what's the name of those those little
    um the round wooden dowel rods that's what they're called you could put a thin dowel rod through here at the top and
    just weave it through where we pulled down those loops um all I did is I just put some jute
    through it I tied on some of these loops these were just some beads that I had I
    just tied these loops on and then tied on a couple beads and there's my hanger for
    that I did stitch on a couple beads here
    because I wanted to make sure this was closed up well because you can't really tie this wide of a piece so I stitched
    these beads onto it to hold it the way I wanted to and I just went back in and just tightened everything up neatened
    everything up and got ready for us so first what I did is I decided I'm
    going to start tying uh some jute around these parts that have the multiple
    strands in front because this one I only went through like I skipped four and one under four you know did that so we have
    some extra strings on the front so I thought why don't we just use those
    um areas to post or to put some beads onto
    or just tie some fun stuff onto what I have here is just like I said a little
    bit of jute I also have out some uh different items for decorating and I'll
    show you those in just a minute but that's just as simply as I did with that jute I'm going to tie this
    because I want to be able to embellish that area so I'm just going to add that jute to it
    you could add hemp you could add sorry soak yarn lace you could do anything
    so what I have guys I've just pulled out some stuff that I'm thinking about using I do still have my jute out just in case
    I need it I have this piece of lace that I've been saying from the beginning that I want to
    use on the bottom part here I have this flower that I've made this
    is just made out of muslin with a little piece of felt on the back and then a button and some lace in the middle so
    I'm thinking about maybe using that I actually also got out some uh pins that
    I had here some brooches and I'm trying to decide if I want to use some of those on here I have some
    different options I think approach approach or two would be really cool on something like this so
    I have those out and then I also have some head pins some
    jump Rings my tools I have some charms and some chain here
    and then I have beet soup this is my uh jjb bead soup here so we
    have a lot to choose from and then I also have some large hole
    beads pulled because a lot of times the large holes will work great on these type things because of the strands hi
    Kelly welcome in welcome and welcome everybody so let's just get started so the first
    thing I want to do guys I think is to glue on my heart lace on the bottom
    because I've known like I said from the beginning I've been wanting to do that so I'm just going to go over this
    piece of ribbon and I do have my glue gun as I said here and I have some thread with a needle in
    case I need that as well I'm just going to run a line of hot glue across there
    and I'm gonna put my piece of lace that I'm in love with
    whoops across the bottom be careful as always with hot glue
    okay make sure that's where I want it and
    then I'm going to turn it over because I want to be able to wrap that around because if I cut it it's just going to
    look frayed on the end so we just want to wrap that around the back just like so and glue that down
    okay and the same thing on this side I'm just going to cut this
    and save that piece for something else and do the same thing here
    and the sky's the limit guys use what you have in your stash in your
    craft stash to make it your own okay
    so I think I'm going to decide what brooch I want to use because I think I want to put it like up here in this area
    so for the butterflies let's take a vote guys
    do we want orange and gold gold or the one with the yellow and blue
    I'll let you guys decide go ahead and comment what your favorite is
    and then I also have some leaves here these are green there's a green one this
    is a brooch this one too so we may add that to our
    piece as well there we go
    um I think Amber is not with us today Zach I think she was
    um had an appointment but she may peek in who knows but so I'm
    thinking Anita says gold so we like the gold
    Jones what's your vote Joan we know Joan has a good eye
    combination I need okay Anissa says combination
    hmm so we'll put a couple
    okay all right well I'll tell you what let's start out with the gold one
    and then we'll go from there I think I want to put that like kind of in an angle
    in this vicinity okay
    and just hook that in there
    just like so and that is on that's the nice thing about pins
    you can really um gold butterfly go with the buttons okay
    Zach says gold too um the nice thing about using brooches and
    things like that they're really quick and they make an impact I'm digging here because I want to see if my green gold
    well that's kind of copper I was thinking maybe I'm adding our little leaves there
    but we'll wait on that for now so what I'm going to do here is on this area that I tied up with my
    um jute here I'm going to tie on some charms so I have some butterfly charms here
    these are just really cute little wooden butterflies I'm just going to tie those on
    so they kind of dangle down there dangle down so you know the dangle Downs
    I add this pretty gold one here a little further up and give it a little
    dimension I do want to add my flower to once we get these tied on
    okay just looking really cute I think I'm going to put another one of
    these over here
    all right and let's see can we get this jute
    through this ow
    because as we know I love owls not just poodles but owls too
    oh hi Robin you're not late sweetie never late
    okay so I'm just gonna trim the ends of these just a little bit
    and then decide when I'm going to put in my Center
    okay those are good
    flour on this little burgundy color I think it'll give it a little pop of color you can
    see that now it's looking nice
    well good I'm glad I'm glad you guys are liking it it's always those finishing touches that
    just make everything isn't it okay
    yeah it can be a little rough when you're getting just your fibers and stuff like that in place where you want
    it but once you get things tied up and neatened up they really come together
    so we're just feeding on some charms here over my jute
    oh come on there we go I just put a couple flowers a gold one
    and that burgundy one here in the center
    all right so now I am going to
    figure out where I want my flower
    if I even can do it what do you guys think
    hmm maybe what I'll do is glue my flower on
    and then pin my butterfly to the edge of the flower the love button necklace absolutely
    precious oh thank you I appreciate everyone heading over to my YouTube channel and supporting me that always
    means so much so I'm just going to take this off here and do our new idea really work work up
    nicely thanks Robin thank you honey okay
    so we'll get that off there and I'm going to glue my flower here this is what I'm thinking okay
    just like that and that has the gold button in the center of it and then I'm going to pin
    my little butterfly onto my flower I love it when a plane comes together
    you know
    and I'm just going to go through one of those petals there and just
    put my pin through there it's a short little pin so it's going to take a little maneuvering but we'll get
    it now
    see how this looks guys I am going to be doing a video on how to
    make these flowers as well I'll be posting that up on my YouTube channel
    there we go is that cute or what come on with it
    I get pretty excited about stuff like that but anyway so we have that and I'm
    going to take a little bit of chain here and just cut a piece I think we'll do
    like maybe right there
    Top Cut I'm using my heavy duty pliers so I don't ruin any of my good
    uh Cutters that's what you always want to do and you're working with chain or anything like that
    all right so I think I'm gonna get a jump ring out for the top
    and hook it to the top of our
    some gold ones in there too I might want to use and hook that to the top of our piece
    so that chain can hang down I'm just gonna get
    larger jump ring probably about an eight millimeter jump ring
    Maybe 10. and then I'm just going to open that up
    these textured ones are a little difficult sometimes to find the um opening
    it's deceiving so I just kind of start giving her a
    Twist and see where it starts coming open
    here it goes perfect
    all right and I'm just going to hook into that chain and don't forget guys to like and share
    this we always appreciate that
    all right so now our chain is hooked on and we can add whatever we want down our
    chain from the front here so I'm going to take a bumblebee
    and hook him let's see let's put him on the end
    get through the there we go
    all right and then what you can do then guys if you want to just take some head pins
    uh I had a set just like that
    oh all rings I gotcha um you can put some uh beads on head
    pins and just hook them all the way down here that would be super cute
    I'm gonna take another charm and put up there
    hook that up there yeah it's just a process guys the sky's
    the limit make it your own you know you can keep it as simple or as
    busy as you would like
    so hook this little guy up here
    okay and I'll probably go back later and do some head pins with beads and hook that in there
    before 's a really pretty bead that would look really pretty on there we'll have to do
    that uh so now I'm gonna start pulling out my larger
    whole beads that I want to use to tie on our side our side ribbons that are
    sticking out here okay so let's see let's just pull some out
    that will coordinate so here's like a ceramic those are that matches the two that I put up top here which you can't
    see right now but they're right here there we go
    okay and just pick out ones that
    you like and that you know your ribbon and stuff will be able to go through you'll have to have fairly large
    holes oh let's just go with that and I'm going to
    take some cage beads out of here and
    hook some of those on cage beads are always beautiful on pieces like this with the
    crystals in the middle and if you don't know what I'm talking about this is a cage bead okay
    I forget all the stuff I put in these things oh that one would be really pretty that one actually
    has a pearl in it but I don't know if that Pearl's supposed to be in there but we're gonna go with it that's what
    happens when you do your beads too and it's just fun to pick out as you go
    through things that you want to use and you're putting beads to use that are
    just kind of sitting there so I'm just going to put this cage bead I think actually on this ribbon no a bigger than
    this one all right
    if we can get that through there
    [Music] we go
    me and we're just going to tie that on there
    oh good Vicky I'm glad it's perfect timing welcome in
    and that's just as simple as tying that bead onto the other side Terry says I'm super late but it looks like we used
    hemp on this can you clarify what size hemp to use I'm struggling warping with
    it sure I can certainly do that Terry I used 0.5 on this piece right here
    um any size will work of hemp your your your uh one millimeter or your 0.5 your half
    millimeter the trick to warping is just keeping the pressure not excessive
    pressure but keeping tension on your hemp as you're warping on any wood Loom
    that is the case and I did have to go back a couple times and even just uh
    play with it a little bit to get it to what I wanted but you can see I still have my strings popping out of there but
    um the trick is you're going to want to tie it on to like an area right here on the edge and then as I said as you're
    working just you know keep your attention go slow and you should be able to get it you
    might have to you know if it's your first time doing it you may have to try it try doing it a few times so you get
    exactly how you like don't get frustrated because it happens to all of us you know we all
    you know it's a learning curve for anything just like any new tool so and as always if you have any questions you
    can certainly reach out to us we're always happy to help you with any
    questions you have so I found this cage bead but it has a little loop on the top of it so I'm
    going to put a jump ring through it and hook it onto my piece
    okay see if I want to put it through
    some of these Loops right here
    okay now I want to get down to the bottom there's a lot more you can do up here at the top for sure I'll put this
    brown bead on and then we'll get down to the bottom and decorate the strands that are hanging down here for us
    and you could use anything on this like I said guys you know anything you have in your sewing box or
    your um any kind of laces materials anything like that and even it wouldn't have to
    be a fiber as you can see we're using charms and beads and pins and made
    flowers so go for it that's my advice just go for
    it so I want to get some beads onto this bottom
    some interest down here and I think first off I want to
    I think I'm going to cut these just a little shorter I'll wait till I tie on because then that way I'll be sure I don't have
    um I have enough thread to tie them off so basically guys it's just as simple as
    taking your hemp and look at that bead and that gorgeous
    and putting it through the hole of the bead and just
    making a knot you're gonna make sure especially with
    the 0.5 um that you make it thick enough knot so it'll hold that bead from
    sliding off so we're good there and as you go just trim your hemp as you
    want it sorry I had lots of coffee today so if you see my hands shaking a little bit it doesn't take much
    and then just kind of work your way across with that okay
    I'm going to look in my beads my bead soup here it's always fun to dig in here
    it's a good one let's just it's a little run down
    I'll trim those and you can trim those on the angle and they'll go through your beads easier
    you trim your hemp on the angle and I'm putting two strands through that
    make sure we're I'm not big enough and it is
    and then you're just going to work your way across you can do all of your threads in one
    area so I made a knot here with like three or four threads you can take all that and
    put it through a bead or you can divide them out um I really like this blue bead to make
    give it a pop of color but it only has a small hole so I don't know
    if we can finagle it or not let's see well yes the 0.5 went through it
    went through it well so we're gonna put a pop of turquoise in here
    okay let's make sure yep we're gonna hold
    okay foreign
    I love my coffee I have coffee issues
    hmm there's a bean cone why don't we try that that would be fun just put a bead cone
    through your put your hemp through your bead cone be something fun
    all right
    so once you get that again you're just tying a knot simple simple
    all kinds of fun stuff on here so guys that is our time for today it
    went really fast let me get turned around here
    there we are I light up there we go so this is what we have so
    far we I still want to put some more on it you know judger up a little bit but that's the basic project
    really cool looking isn't it I'm really happy with it and once I get the bottom all finished and all the strings trimmed
    I think it'll be really cool so a lot more that could be done here
    um but it is going to take a little bit more time than what we had today but I hope that I kind of
    um gave you an overview of all the different things that you could do with it in the different areas and give you
    different ideas um just super fun just a super fun project
    I was able to take my time it was so therapeutic love it loved it really
    happy with that so end up with pouch or clutch oh Kelly's working on one and she said it
    may end up a pouch or a clutch that's another great idea for turning your work
    on your large sunweaver into something usable you know
    okay I think that's it guys I was just looking to see if we had any more questions
    um I do want to let you know that this is going to be my last Jewel live for a little while
    um we're actually changing our format a little bit here at Joe Loom I am very much still a part of the jewel loon team
    so don't worry um Jules is going to be doing a new format starting in March but I'll let
    her tell you all about that in the meantime I will be featured on jewel
    loom live on with Joel's on March 9th and also come February 15th this coming
    month I will be on soft Flex for Jewel Bloom so don't miss that and as always
    guys you can find me on my YouTube channel and I will be doing lives on my
    Facebook page pink food or jewelry Studio every Thursday at three so if you'd like to join me
    thank you so much for everything and what's the matter
    I'm going to add Joan here I think we may have something we need there was no sale
    what's the matter okay there was no sound when you were talking when the pink poodle studio sign was up oh okay
    I'm sorry about that you said I didn't realize it would do that sorry oh that's okay all right I'll remove you
    thanks honey so yeah what I was saying guys is as always you can find me on YouTube I will
    be doing my lives on um Facebook on pink poodle jewelry
    Studio page at 3 P.M on Thursday so I hope you join me and I want to thank you
    guys this has been a great ride and hopefully we'll see you again real soon I love you guys thanks bye-bye