by Joan Dice


Ever wonder what the Jewel Loom Workshops involve? Want to learn more about them? In this video, Julianna Jewels Avelar, the creator of the Jewel Loom, goes over the July 2022 Workshop, Festive & Fun Earrings. 

Jewels also has something pretty cool to show you from days at Aleene's Creative Living so make sure you join for a blast from the past!

If you are interested in taking a class with Jewels, you can visit to see available courses. This months course Festive & Fun Earrings is being offered July, 2022. As of this date there are 3 complete kits left. However the content lives on the Jewel Loom School platform so you can always access it there. As long as the Jewel Loom shop is online and open you should be able to buy your seed beads that coordinate with this kit there.

Here is the link to this month's workshop for purchase (you pay for the workshop, which also comes with a kit):

If you are interested in a past workshop, please contact Jewels, either by text or email: email - or text - 1-805-768-0568

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