by Joan Dice

Designer Series Baltic Birch Earrings

Join Tricia Giazzon on this week's Jewel Loom School Live, as she works off of the loom & teaches how to make some adorable Earrings using the Beautiful Designer Series Baltic Birch Earring Collection. She shows some new techniques - how to Color and use Wire to really bring out the Beauty in this Collection.

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foreign hi I'm Trish from pink poodle jewelry Studio I'm here today representing jewel
loom today we'll be making some fun earrings from the gorgeous Baltic Birch
designer series earring collection make sure to subscribe to this Channel
and give us a like and a comment I am live here most Thursdays and you can
also find me on my own YouTube channel Trisha's pink poodle jewelry Studio please head over there and subscribe to
my channel as well alright guys so let's get started here hi Maria let's welcome
some folks in Maria is here Patricia is here
two of us well share it out guys always make sure and like and share our videos on
Facebook YouTube it helps immensely to get the word out to other folks makes a
big difference for us hi Amber and of course as always we have our wonderful Miss Joan in the background
I hope that everything is I think everything's in order here so like I
said guys today we're going to be using the designer series um earring collection the Baltic Birch
um oh thank you Maria how am I feeling um actually just to have a little aside
here I'll kind of give you an update the doctor did give me some medication that has helped me it's not 100 but it has
made a difference for me so I can at least function um I have my last knee injection today
and it was a pretty rough experience but now the knee feels fine so all good
thank you so much for asking though so we're going to make some fun earrings today and the exciting part is
we're going to be off Saloon today guys we're not using the loom so we thought okay let's try some stuff outside the
box here and work with some wire today and just make some fun earrings and try
some different techniques so I'm going to turn my camera down here and I'll
show you some examples that I made hi Zach welcome to everyone coming in and also
on the replays and I'm just going to turn my camera around here
just take some moment guys foreign
here we are let me just turn my other light down here and we'll be ready to roll
okay now we're in business all right guys so as I said we're gonna make some
really fun earrings today get this lighting the way I want it
there we go okay foreign these are some examples of the ones that
I have come up with today this is uh crowns
uh set that I made I actually glued some flat backs on that and used some fire
polish so that one's really fun
I think the flat backs just make it and the crown I'm all about that
and then we have this one this is the Lotus make sure the light is catching it
good here for you and I also did flat backs on it
if you can see those there we go the lights a little better
there is the Lotus with some different green color of
flat backs and I just wire wrapped some fire polish on that one
and these are the two I'm thinking we're gonna do today guys this is a heart that
I did and I wire wrap the seed beads 60 seed
beads onto it and cover the back up so it focuses better there we go and use
some fire polish at the bottom and some just gold spacers
and then on this one this is almost like a Cha-Cha earring if
you know what a Cha-Cha necklace is this is the leaf and I've put the
um jump rings on it with seed beads on it so when you move around it kind of cha-chas around for you so
so let's look at the other items that are actually in this set this is a I
mean Jules knocked it out of the park on this one guys these are some really really cool icons
these ones are the ones over here that I have used their mates
um this is of course the Lotus the crown the heart and the leaf which we'll be
working with today and we also have some really fun flowers with some holes on the bottom so
you can really think outside the box on those some feathers
Sun of course this is cool this is the wings with the
sword and shield I really like that one and of course the gorgeous butterflies
so I'm going to move these out of the way here so we can get started
uh oh Dingle dangles down or starting already
okay guys so first I think I'm going to show you how to do the heart because I think that one might take the longest so
we'll make sure and get that one in I'm gonna get my bigger wire out of that one
okay so here is our heart so I'm going to be working on we're
going to start out by coloring our pieces this is always optional
to do you can use stain you can use nothing
I did not end up gluing my fingers to my nose but that would have been probably something I would do for sure my friend
one nice thing if you're going to put flat backs on
Joan does the lighting look okay it looks kind of dark to me or is it okay it's okay all right
is get one of these wax tip pens these are the greatest thing to work
with flat backs because you have a little end here that you can kind of adjust say if you put a stone on you can
adjust it with but this helps because you can just touch the stone and then place it makes a big difference but
we'll get into that a little later so now we are going to color our
piece and I I know we've done this before there is actually a video in the
school in Joseph's School um that has the information on some different
techniques to use to color but I simply am going to use my alcohol inks here guys
and I'm just going to use the fine tip on it and I decided to do like a burgundy and
black you can't really see it unless you look really close to it but I I still
wanted to have that underneath and then also I colored the back because I think that makes it look really nice and
finished so I'm just gonna go around the edges of this and you can see we have the wood inlay between these two
um parts that are uh lifted up so I don't
color in the wood inlay for many reasons because first off it's very hard to color but also because it's very
beautiful and I don't want to remove that beautiful inlay on that so I just
simply take my alcohol inks and just kind of color along it gives you a nice Vivid
color and you can see here how it just sort of goes into the wood it just sort
of travels a little bit when you do it so be careful and just use your fine tips on them so you can place it exactly
where you want it okay and then I'm just going to do this
bottom part here and then why I have this pen out I'm going to put my cap back on this end and I'm going to get my
broad tip and I'm going to color the other end
the other side excuse me that's not an end and I'm just going to use my broad tip and just give some quick Strokes on that
and it just really gorgeously colors this Baltic merch all right and then I
just did the black in the middle and again I'm going to use my fine tip here
and we're just going to go around just let the pen do the work for you
to me I feel like this is what I end up going to a lot of the times now for
coloring I do love my patina paints they also do a gorgeous job especially if I'm
looking for like a boho look I always go with the vertebrate color and just sort
of do like a worn look and that also looks really cool so that is
are heart colored okay so now what we're going to do we're going to get out some
24 gauge artistic wire this particular one let's see is in the color tarnish
resistant brass I need some wire Tamers for my
for my wire by the looks of it but I'm just gonna take off like a 12 inch piece
cut off about a 12 inch piece all right and then
I'm gonna take this wire and sort of just straighten it out with my hands just kind of get the Kinks out of it you
can also use one of these these are your wire straighteners your nylon jaw pliers
they also work well so I'm going to take my little 6-0 beads
these are absolutely gorgeous these are at and this particular color is inside
color light topaz slash pink line and I just love these I think they're gorgeous
and I'm just going to take some of those out lay them on my mat here
and I'm going to start by taking the end of my 24 gauge wire and up by the top Loop here I'm going to
lay the wire flat on the heart and I'm going to press down with my thumb to hold that there okay
then I'm going to take my finger and I'm going to push this wire
down through the middle of my heart okay I know it's hard to see
with my fingers in the way but that's what we're doing and the reason I leave this end here
guys is because it's so much easier to wire wrap
when you leave a little towel we can always go back and cut that off no problem
but just that gives you something to hold on to so I'm just gonna go around here once and I'm keeping that nice and
snug and laying that down right beside the other wire and pushing it through the middle again
can anyone remember why we push it through the center rather than taking the end and feeding
it through well if you can't that's okay the reason we do that is because it will Kink much
easier if you push this end down through and then try to lead your wire you want to just take it lay it across and push
into it so it goes through that way so now that we've got two wraps on there oops okay I'm going to grab one of my
6-0 beads foreign
and I'm just going to slide that down on my wire and I want to lay that
in place on top of my heart just like that then what I'm gonna do is just push that
wire down through the center again and if you hear a little pause little nails that's Kaylee in here with me today
okay so now that wire is wrapped right next to the other one with the seed bead
on it okay hope that makes sense and now I'm just going to go around one time just
the wire again just to kind of make sure everything's hooked and mounted the way I want it so let me turn this around so
you can see okay so we have one seed bead on now
what we're going to do is we did a wrap in between so now we're gonna pick up another seed bead you could use any size
of seed bead that you like to do this with I just love this color of these six O's
so that's what I decided to use these wires up here
I think it really just makes a big impact on the piece
I can lay this here so you can see it guys all right
so again we're going to lay our seed bead down on top of that frame push through the center
Kaylee spelling introduction to Kaylee spelling it is k-a-e-l-i
actually so now we have our our second one wrapped on there I'm going to take
and push my wire through again and wrap one without a bead
and we're just going to work our way around doing that pick up another 6-0
and lay it across there and the wire gets crazy sometimes so you'll see it like flip beads and all that that's just
unfortunately that's kind of reality when you're working with wire it grabs onto everything you're working with
so again laying that in there push through the middle wrap around
push through the middle and this is what we have so far okay
so again pick up another 6-0
I will show you guys at the end Kaylee if she is still in here she gets
ants in her pants sometimes um but I want to make sure and get our projects done before we do that so I'm
just doing the same thing 6-0 wrap around
another 6-0 my board's sliding around on me today for some reason
getting a little bit too overzealous I guess okay
and it's an easy pattern just to do quickly thank you Maria
thank you for saying that's looking good so I'm gonna pick up another I did my
wrap there between I'm gonna pick up a seed bead after I
chase it around a little bit I guess um
there we go and I'm just gonna go ahead and go a
little faster now guys because I'm sure you have the basic technique down because I do want to show you how to put
the loop on the bottom and also how to um end your piece too
okay so I'm just gonna get down to business here now if you run out of wire you can you
can always put more wire on that's not a problem you can
um just wrap it in and continue on that's never an issue
so if you wanted to cut maybe 18 inches you could I cut 12 because it's easier
with the camera to have a little bit shorter of a piece to work with okay here's our progress
would you please repeat the bead color sure the Beet color is inside color
light topaz pink lined I don't know if it'll focus on that for you guys it
likes to be there you go okay
very pretty
and then one more seed bead
and now we're at the bottom so what I'm going to do at the bottom here
you can see where we are sitting okay I want to do a little Loop there because I
want to be able to hook on my uh for lack of a better term Dingle dangles
on the bottom so what I'm going to do is as this wires I brought that to the
center and I'm straightening that wire out I'm gonna take
my round nose pliers have them up there and I'm just going to do a wrapped Loop
here on the bottom so you see how that wire is coming up I'm just going to grab that with my round nose pliers bend it
sideways rotate my pliers up and over again horizontally and then you can kind
of Choke up on it to get the loop where you want it to be sitting so it's not real low or real big
and I'm just kind of adjusting that sorry okay it's kind of adjusting that the way I
want it because I don't want a great big loop so
then I drop my brown nose and pick up my tweezer pliers because they are my
absolute favorite I need to move my tools over here I don't I guess and then just wrap that around
the base of the loop okay and once you do that a couple times you've got your Loop there
okay and then we're just going to continue wrapping around
all right so I'm just pushing that back through the center and continue on all right so that's a
little bigger than I wanted it to be but you get the idea it can show you a little better there
all right so we're getting we're running low on wire here so I'm just going to let that
there and this is good because then I can show you how to put on another piece
so I'm going to just take another piece of wire here
nothing too crazy because I don't want to bang the camera I'm going to move these tools over here
so I could put in my arm in the shot okay so now I have another piece of 24
gauge look at that straightened out with my hands where I want it I'm just going to
leave that kind of hanging there for now we'll go back later and we'll finish all the ends off again I'm just going to lay
my wire in there just like we did I'm leaving a little end on it and we're
just going to act like we're just starting over okay so I'm going to go around you'll have a
couple loops where you um start another piece of wire but that's okay nobody's
really going to notice once you get your um seed beads wrapped on there
okay and just pick up a
and just continue on okay easy enough right
so lay that on my frame put that in place the first one can be a little
iffy when you're doing it uh when you're putting another piece on but once you
get it in place you got it and there we go
we're just going to continue up the side here
you can't see beads
okay somebody's got ants in her pants tonight
I guess they got them Bubba there you go
okay I guess just like Marlon Brando snores Kaylee pieces
it's not like being too far away from her mama though
just have a few more to do here
this is one of those things that look a little more difficult than they actually
are okay so it'll really look like you spent
hours and hours putting those beads on that frame
okay almost there
give me a little bit of a fight on that one
okay now you can use of course the 24 gauge
like I'm using but 22 and 26 will work for this 22 would be a little more
difficult if you're not like a seasoned wire wrapper it might hurt your fingers a little but
um for me I feel like I have like fingers of Steel from wire wrapping so
much so it's fine for me but 24 is like a nice middle ground but if
you don't have that on hand you can always like I said use a 22 or the 26.
let's go almost there
um short nails do work out much better for me with jewelry making
um I can get a little longer than this and it'll work but in general I like to
have the shorter Downs
almost there I'm sorry I keep popping back there but it's just where my
where my wire wrapping comfort zone is comfort zone I guess
Jones on my mind
it's kind of just like sewing to a degree
just how you keep stitching around or stitching onto something
kind of the same concept I'll pick up one more seed bead and see I think that might be our last one here
okay so I just put on my last seed bead so I'm going to give it one more wrap around here at the top
just to make sure everything is secured
you can even do it a couple times two reps there and then make sure you
don't wrap around where that hole is because you won't be able to get your piece your jump Rings into there
foreign as far as um Gloria has a question she's
saying uh hi can any type of color tools be used to paint the birch wood
Joan has actually done a great video on that for us on the jewel loon Channel
um she recommends and she had recommended to us not to use
um water-based anything on them okay you can use stain you can use alcohol ink
but anything that's water-based you want to avoid because it may make your wood
work okay that's the best piece of advice I can give you but you can use anything
even colored pencils work if you have those on hand you don't have to have anything fancy to
to color them I just like to color in coloring books
you know the adult coloring books and so I have the alcohol inks on hand okay so
I wrapped around two times on either side of our hole for our jump ring now
we're just going to snip our wires and I just take my Flush Cutters here
and just snip off my wire about halfway through it
and each one of those do these both at the top here and then I just take my
tweezer no nose pliers which I absolutely love got me hooked on these
and just push those ends down just like we do when we're using wire
on anything because you don't want that to catch on someone's clothes that would not be
a good thing for you okay so I'm just pushing it down checking it making sure
running my thumb over it to make sure it's not grabbing and once I have it to that point I can
move on to my next wires so I'm going to do the same thing with these two wires
just going to trim those about halfway through
okay half when I say halfway through if that doesn't make sense I apologize but I'm
saying about halfway through the wood piece okay not half of the wire or anything like that I'm saying halfway
through the wood piece okay and then just stamp that one and push
those down so now the hard part is done on this particular earring
once we get these pushed down
I'm going to cut that one just a smooth shorter
so there is our heart so now all we have to do is hook in some
jump rings and our ear wire and then but first we're going to make our
little head pins there with our beads on these are gorgeous I cannot stress this
enough fire polish okay guys these are absolutely stunning I'm hoping
that this will focus here but look at those
it's just yummy just show me so all I did is I took some
of this gorgeous fire polish and I got three of the six millimeters out and
then I got three of the four millimeter this is just in a real pretty
almost midnight burgundy color I don't even know how to describe it better but
and then I'm actually going to use one seed bead we're going to need some head pins
and I'm going to show you the easy way to do it with your one step Looper if you have
one of those if you don't a simple Loop would suffice just check in there to make sure I didn't use any head pins on
it telling you wrong okay
I mean any jump ring someone had pins or pizza Trisha so I'm going to get a few head pins out
here and we're just going to build we're going to have three head pins on the bottom these are just the regular
old head pens used what you have in your stash what you like to use and then I just have some
um five millimeter gold Daisy spacers simple enough so for the center one I made it a bit
longer than the other two I just thought that it looked better that way you can
do it however you like I'm just going to get them to lay here correctly so you can see that
um but I did like just a little bit more length on that Center one so I'm going
to just put on a seed bead we'll just build our head pins first and
a four millimeter fire polish a
Daisy spacer and a six millimeter fire polish so that's
the one for the center and then on the others it's just as simple as a fire polish
Daisy spacer and a four millimeter for our polish
and the same on this one so these come together really quick like I said your work is mainly done on
this when you get that all wire wrapped so you're going to put a daisy spacer
and a four millimeter fire polish on okay
and push that back out of the way now if you have a one-step Looper I highly
recommend using it for this if you don't like I said you can simply Loop it or you can do uh wire wrap loops
but as with the one step Looper it makes it pretty easy because you can just feed your head pin in
and then what I like to do guys is just when I have my crystal pushed against there I back it off just maybe a couple
millimeters so I don't crack my fire polish or my crystals and then I just
squeeze because as this part goes up here on this tool it can press against
your uh crystals or your fire polish and really take a chunk out of that you
don't want to do that we don't want to destroy our beads that's for sure so I'm just going to do
that two more times
okay and then our third
headband and then just back it off just a smidge
like I said all right so now I'm just going to hook
those into my Loops very simply or into my Loop that I made on the
bottom of the earring I'm just going to open that up and this is one side
and then hook that on just like so
our Center one
and closed there had been looped
and then one more
yes beads are definitely precious Patricia you must be good lady you have my mom's
name my mom is Patricia
okay so that's just as simple as that guys all right like could you delay straight
that'll be helpful here there we go okay just as simple as that and then all
I did simply at the top here is I just put on a couple jump Rings you would not have to put the second one on if you
just turn the loop on your uh ear wires I don't know if anyone's done that but
you can actually rotate the loops on your ear wires most of them and then you
don't have to put two jump Rings If you happen to have a hole in the wrong direction okay so let
me grab put your brains
so I just used a larger one in a smaller one see
let's get one of these I believe yep and then just
a little bit let's do that one
that'll work and then we're just going to attach this
with your um chain nose pliers or your tweezer pliers or whatever we have that you use and like
we're just going to put that jump ring through the top of that hole and these are so nice because they're
already pre-drilled with the holes that you need to make them into earrings
absolutely gorgeous and then
open this one up
okay and all we're doing by in this second
jump ring is avoiding turning the loop on our your wire but again like I said
you can certainly do that and then I do have an earwear up here
I'd like to use for my piece
and then I'm just going to put on our earpard
so there is one finished set for you guys let me move my
Mouse before I end up sending myself elsewhere [Music]
I end up clicking on everything with my mouse and then it's not great but here
is our finished one this is the one that we made today and then this was the example
so I thought they really came out nice they're very elevated and
the Bird Space just really made it um simple to be able to do that with
so the next one I think we're gonna do
is this little leaf Cha-Cha and like I said very simple very very simple you just
need two different colors of seed beads or whatever variety you'd like
I have here the colors are transparent rainbow frosted teal
you need a focus okay
that likes to do that sometimes unfortunately there we go there we go
and then this one is opaque turquoise this is one of my favorites
okay and then all you need are some jump rings and
I think these are eight millimeter I'm pretty sure these are I'm sorry I
actually measured them with my caliber ahead of time but I forgot to do that
um but I just have I have four for one side and four for the other side
and all you have to do is just string your
um seed beads onto your jump Rings okay just that simple and whatever order you
like and then I have a big loop at the top and we're going to do the same thing for
that loop we're going to string on some seed beads to that one okay so let me
dig out one of those bigger Loops here because I know I'm gonna need it
and just set that to the side and
see all right so we're ready to roll on that
product let me get that down here so you can kind of look at it as we go here again
another very simple project you just take your jump ring
open it up and I put five seed beads on each Loop that seemed to be the simplest
way to do it so at the top here I started with um
the teal on the end and the three or excuse me the turquoise on the ends and the teal in the middle
but that's just the design I did and then did every other but again you know
make it your own I'll be anxious to see what you all come up with for me this is
um the time consuming part on this one for me is getting the seed beads onto
the loops because my hands bounce around a lot just because of my health situation so sometimes I'm just like
come on get in there grid on that one [Music] so but if you have a steady hand it'll
go much quicker for you so once I got my five seed beads on
there just like that I'm just gonna take my leaf that we still need to cover and
look at you there okay so we'll just do it just as is for now because you saw me
color the other one and you know how to do that so we're just going to simply just
closer jump ring okay
and let me just make sure as you're doing it be careful because your seed beads are going to try to slip off one
end or the other um so just be careful as you're putting it on
that you're getting your um Loop closed correctly okay
I'm just adjusting this putting it where I want it making sure these are close together
and there you go okay so this is gonna bug me so I'm just
gonna color this really quick guys because I have my markers are right here
so easy enough so I'm starting at the top with an easy
turquoise just like so and these don't have to take long to
color you do them really quick and I find if I use three colors two to three
colors on each one it really um looks nice it gives it a little bit of depth okay
just a couple more pointers on that okay
and then Mr green color in the bottom
simple as that and then I'm just going to quickly do you can do that in a solid color if you
like just to keep it simple I always like to color them if I color the front
though because then you're going to have a uniform look just
um [Music]
and then our green so now I can proceed without my ADD kicking in
okay so there is our one loop on that and we're just gonna work along here
doing our our jump Rings okay so just doing
and the teal and the turquoise
thank you and then just hook on the other side
and just as you go down it just starts giving you that really cute
Cha-Cha look
I don't know if you guys can hear this but Kaylee's are liking my
arm the whole time I'm trying to do this now puppies are distracting
and then close that one let's do one more I think that's oh we're gonna have time
for here today and I just want to touch on the other designs that I did here to make sure you
know the basics of those I don't think I have to do all of these these jump rings with I think you kind
of will get the concept just by these few that I'm doing it's just sliding your seed beads onto
your jump Rings again this is one of those ones that look a little harder than they are
and that's what I love it always um makes me happy when I can make
things that look difficult but really are not as time consuming and as difficult as they seem to be able to
appear I'm just gonna make sure I have this
all right and let's do one more
oops seems like it's worse when I think about
it you know when I think about blend them on versus
just doing it
and you can do definitely do more than two colors of beads on this one guys if the seed beads I mean the sky's the
limit on that okay and then on this side
okay so that's the basic concept on the leaf earring this is what a finished one
will look like just a little noise maker when you're
moving around there and I just took our larger jump ring and I did exactly the
same thing I put put seed beads on it before I hooked it through the hole
and I'm just going to verify here for sure how many I put on this one I did five as well
you know again whatever makes you happy and I'm just gonna put these beads on
okay and then I'm just gonna hook it through the top of this Loop that's
already provided and close that
and again this is a situation I put a second jump ring but again you can just turn the loop on your earring finding
all right and then just attach your wire
simple as that let me look and see what your wire I actually made these ear wires
um which I love copper ear wires and sink
they really pop on pieces
open this up we already have the loop in there
and then we're just going to hook it into that little Loop that we just put on the top
as simple as that okay
so it looks like we have a few minutes to talk about the other earrings they're very very simple as well
this is our Crown earring
and again this one is colored with alcohol inks I applied the um swarovskis
I did use this super glue gel
glue if you have flat packs that don't have foil on the back of them don't use
the super glue gel use the E6000 on them because it'll
um it'll off gas and it'll make your crystals cloudy so that's just a little
tip and then we just did the dangles on the bottom the same way as we did on our
heart same concept except for we separated them out I did hook jump rings
in first but then put the head pins right into those and it just made it
super cool and then on our Lotus again I colored alcohol inks
and then I applied um some flat backs to that I used two
pieces of four millimeter fire polish on this and once one Daisy spacer M1
um I guess that's like a pyramid design or whatever spacer you use whatever you
like and I just went down over once I went up got my beads on made my wrap
loop I just took the wire as I went down and wrapped it down over top of the
beads just to kind of give it a neat look and then I just put another one of my handmade ear wires on it so just as
simple as that guys so I'm going to turn my camera back around here
and see if we have any questions
here we are I gotta put my my light back operator looks as look as
good you know so I hope you enjoyed that I mean it was kind of
different because we didn't use our Loom um but next week we will be back to the
loom I'm gonna be um actually doing some a project with the Earth Tone bead kit that Jules
offers her bead in the bag kit that she offers on uh really really
pretty kit um it's my opinion I think it's been underrated we did do some videos way
back when we first started uh the bead in the bag where we made the bracelet and and I'll have that to show you but
I'm thinking for next week we're gonna think outside the bracelet box and see what we can come up with with
that gorgeous kit because there's a lot of um
a variety that you can do with the beads provided you know you're waiting on
yours now Patricia and I see that someone had a question here that I've been notified via text about
Patricia was asking if you have a pattern for your bracelet tonight I said I'd ask you okay
um this was Amber actually by the way but no this bracelet if this is the one
you're talking about this is actually you can buy these at
um Hobby Lobby already made up like this I just put a clasp on it
is about there's um a line there called timeline and that's my
favorite it has like that vintagey looking um stuff and that is where I got that so
there's no pattern just it's just a metal it's metal links already made up so sorry so guys again I
hope you enjoyed the projects this week and we will see you next week bye guys