by Joan Dice

Create Sedona Spring Earrings on Baby Loom - Jewel Loom School Live With Tricia Giazzon

Learn to create a fun pair of earrings, using the Baby Loom, in this Jewel Loom School tutorial by Tricia Giazzon. She uses the Sedona Spring Hat Band kit, which comes with the pattern she uses to loom these earrings. She then shows a clever way to tie the warps off, before using slide connectors to finish the ends. 

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hi guys here we are here we are jewel loom School live I'm super excited to be
here this week um for Jules she is busy busy busy
making those gorgeous kits so I am super excited to be back for today and to do
this great project with you um we are actually going to be doing an
earring using the items from the Sedona Springs
um headband kit and Jules was showing you a bracelet so this is a very versatile kit so if you get the chance
if you haven't picked it up check it out guys there's some beautiful seaweeds in there really enjoyed it so we're gonna
do that today I hope everyone is doing well let me say hello to some of our friends here there's Danielle hi
Danielle hi Robin Maria oh my goodness everybody's coming in so welcome in
everybody as always I am here on behalf of Jules today but
um I do have a business called pink poodle jewelry studio and I do lives for
that as well on Thursdays at 3 P.M eastern time I have a YouTube channel and all social media so if you get a
chance check that out but most importantly make sure you head over to the YouTube channel if you're
not already there subscribe give a thumbs up for Jules and always make sure
to like and share for her as well guys there's lots of information on the jewel loom page
um the YouTube page that's where all of those videos live that we have done over time all of us so check that out for
sure and don't forget to stop over at today like I said we're going to be
doing our earring and I'm going to turn the camera down here and show you what
I've got going on hello everyone coming in so nice to see
you and as you know it'll take just a moment for my camera to flip don't get too worried
it will get there it's been taking a little bit longer than usual but we will
make it work right guys there's Zach hi Zach
okay so today is going to be using the baby jewel loom you know one of our
favorites this is a great Loom to do earrings on it works out so perfectly
you can get your two earrings on here without much trouble at all and you're
not wasting a bunch of wildfire uh doing it so what I have here guys I have the
pattern now this PDF is available and you can and you can just use the
paper PDF and print it out or use it on the screen what I did is I'm using the
PDF on my iPad this is my favorite way to do patterns because for me personally
I I'm getting older I can't see like I used to be able to see so this enables
me to go ahead and blow these patterns up so I can really see what's happening
here so for me personally this works great so we're going to start out by
warping our baby Loom and I just have some Wildfire here this is the color gray but you can use whatever colors you
enjoy and I'm just going to take start that off of the Roll I'm leaving it on the
roll while we go ahead and warp and I'm just going to take the end of this and I'm going to wrap it around this knob on
the back two or three times and I'm going to give this
two or three knots okay
just to make sure we're good and secured
before we get started our pattern is 13 beads wide so
um if you don't know that means that we need one more warp than we have bead so
we're going to have to do 14 warps for this pattern okay so we're going to go ahead and
start we have it nice and secured on the back there and I'm going to take it up and I'm just going to lay it into one of
our grooves okay hopefully my camera stays focused for us I'm going to move that over just a hair
there we go and it doesn't matter you just pick the spot and I'm just going to lay that in
approximately the same area into one of those grooves on the other side
and bring keeping tension on this Wildfire bringing it around to get to
that other knob on the back and my first warp I always pull nice and snug and
wrap it around at least three times because for me personally when I use Wildfire I usually have the problem of
my first warp getting loose so this seems to help out a lot when using
Wildfire for me personally then we're going to go into every group
any tips for making sure your grooves align straight
you mean I'm not sure what you mean there you might want to elaborate that for me just
a little bit Terry if you can we're going to go into the uh next
Groove because we were using 11 0 so we're going to want to make sure and be into that next Groove so we have just
the right space and I'm taking that across laying it in the other Groove
giving that a couple wraps when I'm starting you will see that every so
often oh aside from Counting them out Trisha hmm
I don't really I eyeball my first one my grooves here
to avoid being cattywampus um
I eyeball my first grooves but as far as if you want it exact you would have to count that
to get them both exact as far as making sure you're getting
into the right grooves as you're warping with this one it's pretty easy because
you know you're doing everyone but you just have to make sure and pay close
attention if you're skipping like three to five three two or something that
you're counting and that's the best advice I can give you make sure you're counting your grooves and that
everything is going in there I just need to have faith my OCT gets
yes you do dear and you do wonderful work and you will do just fine so I'm gonna
go into the next Groove this is our third time across here
and as I'm doing this guys I'm keeping tension on this really good tension wrapping it around
back up into the next Groove and we want this to be nice and tight because that's
what's going to make your life so much easier when you are beating that you have a nice tight Warp
and then we're going across to the same warp pop that back in there
okay so here's this side sorry and then we're going across to that side
wrap around that knob on the back up and over
into the next Groove okay and along the way if I lose count as I'm
going I stop right then and there and I count to make sure I know where I'm at
okay so we have what one two three four five
across there don't be afraid to do that so you know you're staying right on track okay
going into six
okay and lay that into six on the other side
and around back up in the seven
around the knob back up into eight
foreign and back up into nine
and you can see how quickly this comes together once you start getting your rhythm
and here's 10.
and we only need 14 across but I'll tell you what I always do guys I put my last
one on that I think is my last one I wrap around about three times on that knob
and hold that with my fingers on the back and then I have this little tool which is quite handy just as a little
needle tool and I go across and I make sure that everything is where I want it
to be and I can see this one needs popped in and then I have the right number of warps so there's one two three
eight not ten eleven
13 and 14. so we did perfect but these little tools are really neat for like if
you have a string that pops over you can just grab it and pop it right back or for counting anything like that so now
that I have wrapped this around about three times on the back I'm going to hold that there and I'm
going to cut the thread I'm still holding that there because I don't want that strain to come
back and let go that's the last thing we want to do okay
and then we're just going to tie I'm going to tie these two strings that
I have here together just tie a couple knots as I'm holding that tension
once you get the first knot in you can relax on the tension a little bit
there you go you got your first knot on and then I'm just going to tie that two more times just making sure everything's
gonna stay where I put it okay so we got that
and then I just cut these strings shorter because they will interfere with me on the front and I don't care for
that so I'm going to show you something today too guys something really cool that my husband came up with and I know
let me raise this up just a smudge and I'm going to show you this cool little tool he made me
this is a loom holder and I know it's really hard to see right like this but I'll be sure to show
you at the end and this is just about as simple as it could get but it has been so awesome for looming for me so it's
just this little setup it has a little hook on the back he just put in some rubber bands
and all you have to do is take your rubber band around your loom this works
with the original Loom and the baby Loom I have not tried it on any of the wood looms yet
but I just thought he did such a cool job I wanted to show everyone
so that goes around just like that and then you're going to take this rubber
band that's on the bottom and just bring it underneath the wood and hook it onto the little knobs here
and you have a third hand basically so I'm gonna put this into a good perspective so you can see how I'm
working here there you go you should be able to see really clear and it won't Bounce Around
and what I'm gonna do guys I showed you the pattern so for those that work from
the top down you would just leave your pattern as is because I want to do this
first flower here that's what we're going to do for our pattern so I'm just going to
turn this over I just locked my iPad so I can just work from the bottom up
instead because you all know that that's what I like to do and then I'm just gonna pour out some of
my seed on my seed beads that I have here we have some gorgeous colors I am
going to substitute the um Peach
I can't remember what it's peach cobbler um I did have to substitute that with the opaque luster beige because I was
out of the uh peach cobbler and then I did also have to substitute
um substitute Ceylon Aqua for the glacier so that tells you if you ran out of one or the other
um you can just swap out with what you have in your stash and just make it your own so I'm just going to put a little
bit of each one out here so when I'm ready I can just grab them
okay scooch out back just a hair so you can see better
right there we go okay so we have a little bit
of everything I did thread thread my needle off camera hi Leanne so great to
see you so I threaded my needle I did about a
wingspan and a half worth of thread and we are going to be using these a
slide and clasps so we can put a little knot there and it's not even going to show okay we'll restart
so I'm just going to go in here between the first and second warp and just tie
my string I'm going to leave myself quite a bit of thread there so when I want to
finish it off I can show you a technique that I have learned and I like doing
at the end of these type of projects so we're going to leave I would say at
least 18 to 24 inches there
to mess with okay and then we're going to take our and that's this string the other string not
the one you're going to be working with okay that's just going to go to this side
and now we're ready so what I did first guys is I put just a um a row across of
the glacier or the ceylon Aqua Beads because that's going to be covered up
with my side clasp and it doesn't matter how pretty it is it's just going to be utilized to make sure everything's nice
and secure so we're going to pick up 13 of our Saloon Aquas a pretty blue here
it's three four
five six seven eight nine
ten eleven twelve and thirteen
okay and I'm just gonna drop those beads down so they're right where I want them there
on the loom okay I'm gonna feed my needle and thread underneath
just like so and I have my third hand there so I'm good to go I don't have to
balance the Loom or anything and I'm just gonna feed these up now
keep in mind guys whenever you are doing your first row of any Wildfire projects
it may be a little wonky getting all of your beads in the right spots on that
first row it's just you're getting your threads where you want them with your beads and
it can just they can kind of move here or move there so just take your time
popping in that first row and usually what I'll do is start on this side on
the right side and then work across with my needle
and that seems to work well for me so I'm gonna go I'm coming underneath up and over
and we're going to go through the beads over top of the warps
and as I'm going across I'm just going to be popping these beads up now they have to be on top make sure your beads
are popped over top so when you're locking them in they stay and you do not have to
um worry about them dropping out because they will drop out if they don't get
caught correctly okay so I'm just gonna work my way across and as I'm going I see have kind of a thread doubling up
here a little bit so I'm gonna spread that out get my next bead where it needs to be
which is in between those and that's when this little tool will come in handy again
just to kind of split that out for you go there and then
work across I don't know about everyone else but this is what takes me some time is
getting this first row in my Wildfire of my beads into my Wildfire warps
okay so we got two pop there so we want to take that off but it's like once you get your first
row in then you can just cook with gas because every all the threads are where
they need to be that one
and we'll go across here and out through the other side
so now they are all separated where they need to be the third hand is cool thank you my
husband's brilliant I just you know like all husbands they can be a
pain in the butt sometimes but he is brilliant when it comes to stuff like this so I just did one row of that
Ceylon Aqua just so we can make sure and
have that spot for our um SL side clasps to go on to so I'm
going to just set this here so you can kind of see the pattern a little bit better and I'm just going to start on this row
bottom row here and as I said okay I flipped mine over you guys if you work
from the top down make sure that you keep it right side up so the letters are up and down correctly I'm backwards
that's just me I'm backwards in everything right so stands to reason so I'm just going to
follow my pattern here and I'm going to pick up an a
C B three more A's
okay a d this beautiful pumpkin color is so gorgeous love it
three more A's
okay A B C
and one more a so that is our first row we're going to
do the same thing we're going to drop these beads down over our needle
and drop them down to the bottom here I'm going to feed my needle and thread
underneath those warps just like so now I know Jules likes to feed her
thread and needle underneath first pick up her beads and then pop them in this is just the way I like to do it guys
you'll make your own way with the way you like to do it as well
I'm sure so we're just going to do the same thing we just did we're going to pop them up through
that wildfire and we're going to be locking them in and making sure
that they are where we need them which is oh through the wildfire and up over
the top okay all right so I'm just going across
making sure I got all of those in where I needed it I am going to scooch this up just a hair because my hand keeps
hitting it and then we're just going to pull that
through I think the head on my needle is a
little bigger than I usually like but we may have to change the needle out
we'll see here and it's just I it's weird how that
works sometimes it just seems like the head of the needles don't don't want to go through the 11s or maybe it's just
user um error but I've found that with a lot of different needles
that that's the case so I like to just give the needle head just a little squeeze if I can
and it would just get it to be a little smaller to go through my beads better okay so now we are on to the next row
make sure you guys can see this we go and we have
two A's
and I'm just going to roll this screen down as I go to the next row because I'm the one that would redo a row if I don't
do that so we had two A's a c
a b and a
a d E and A D
and a B
b c and two more A's
let's see how we doing it's all good thank you you know me hot
mess Express coming through could I also use the tiny wood earring looms to make
these earrings yes you definitely could do that most definitely because they have
um the same grooves are the same they have um not grooves but they have the um
I guess they do have grooves yes they have grooves but they're just made differently so yeah you could certainly use that
I didn't get any coffee today guys either so I'm sorry for that at the end of the game you never know
but so we're gonna pull that through and that did go through much easier that time when I just pinched that head of
that needle just a smidge okay go to the next row
Three A's yes use what you have honey that would be perfect for it
I've been really doing a lot more seed beading and looming with seed beads
lately um I've been making all kinds of characters and things like that and I've
been really enjoying it and I was like I swore off of seed beads when I first
started beating I Soar Off of them I'm like don't you think for one moment
that I'm gonna be a seed beater because I will never be well never say never guys
on anything and then three more A's
and there we go we're gonna drop those down [Music]
needle under pulling that thread through and then we're going to pop our beads up
into it and these earrings come together really quick
because it's a nice easy pattern um and it just they're small they're only
one section of the pattern so they're super fun you could knock a lot of these out quickly say if you
wanted to give you know make a gift for someone or something and if you didn't think that these colors coordinated with
what you wanted you could swap out for whatever you had in your
stash okay so next row
we're gonna do two A's
two D's
a c and a
and a see
d d a a okay
so same thing we're going to drop those down send that needle and that thread
pop those beads in I'm going to make sure my threads are
pulled here because I see a little Loop there so I'm going to go in here with my needle and I'm just going to pull this
thread snug on that end and then pull it in across so now everything's nice and
even and not showing you know Loops out the side of the the pattern
just going to pop those in going across
oops I see a mistake I got one extra bead on there hold on one second guys
yes I cracked beads we all know this right so I'm just gonna feed those up in now
because I have the right amount and go across pushing up in
sliding your needle through the beads making sure everything is getting secured in there you're not missing any
of them and then pull through
okay next row that was our center row that we just did
there okay so now we're on the downside of the pattern
so we're gonna do a
d e
e d
C e s c
d e e
d and an a okay
get that one across
and needle through the top you're going up and over and through the
beads now I can see here one of my threads aren't caught there so I want to make sure and go make sure
that that is caught so I just move that over making sure that it's where it needs to be
and if you do miss any threads as you're working on it you can go back through
and tighten everything up if need be
okay so the next row we have is B
I'm going to look up my pattern I did already and make sure we're on track here
yep looking good okay okay
it's our Center so we're going to do B a
d d
a c
AC DC that is exactly what that says right
there guys AC DC
I crack myself up that's about the only person I crack up but we do
you gotta have fun with it right A and B
hi Melanie welcome in sweetie so good to see you
okay and it looks like we have one two
three more rows so we're almost there
it doesn't take a whole lot of beads to do these either which is great because you can just use your leftovers from the
kit okay
a a let's see
does anyone else see their their letters out loud as they're going across
just to stay on track be a and like I said using that the iPad
this way just makes all the difference for me
okay so one more go here all right
and two more rows
be a a
let's see
d e d
hey and B this is so Zen seed beading I just
love it not only seed beading but seed beading on the loom is a great combination
let's see let's make sure we have
and I have an extra B again we're going to go in and just crack that baby off
careful when you're doing that make sure you cover it
if you want to go back and take all the beads off and you know put them all back on that is
completely up to you guys but it makes my life a lot easier just to do it that way
so we're just going to put that through and then do our last row
got a little knot here starting so we're gonna have to have a little conversation with him
just to make sure it doesn't get too crazy there we go
there we go we're good okay back that up just a smidge
all right so let's do our last row well our last row of pattern and then we're
going to do a row of our Ceylon Aqua for the end for the clasp or for the slide
class there's that a [Music]
d b
d b a a d a a
hey hey
yeah this is such a pretty pattern Melanie it's gorgeous
okay I'm gonna lock this Row in and then we're gonna pick up 13
of our Ceylon Aqua Beads for the end just like we did on this side
and 13.
right so pop those up and in
for our slide classic over so I'm going to shut this for now
since we are done with that for the moment
put that over here now we're going to tie this off and
we're going to make this so we can put our slide clasp on easily so I'll show
you up here at the top what I like to do
I like to go back and forth with my needle
through all of the warps a few times okay so we're just going to go back and
forth having trouble seeing that for some reason there we go different angle
okay we're just gonna weave back and forth through the warps with our needle and
I think it's time to go to the eye doctor foreign
all right so I go across one time
pull that through and then I'm going to go back again
going back and forth
all my warps
and you could do this two or three times just to kind of get everything secured there
and then what I'm going to do now guys is I'm just going to take let me make sure this is tight enough here
there we go that'll be better and then we can pull this
we're going to use our little tool again
I just want to make sure all of my rows are snug and all the loops are in
and I'm just making sure covering all my bases there we go so
that's tight and there we go okay so now what we're gonna do is we're going to
take our needle and thread hello I'm new here but just getting back into jewelry
making well welcome in Stacy so great to see you I'm going to go up between the first two
threads or excuse me between the second and third thread because I'm going to be doing this every
two threads okay I'm going to come up between there
and I'm going to take my needle up through this Loop and I'm going to give it a tie
and we're going to tighten that down
right two and we're going to do this two times per two threads
without getting your other threads mixed up in there you don't want to have
a big thready mess that's for sure so we're doing the same thing just
tighten it down again and then I'm going to go over to the next two threads I'm going to go around
those the tool with the white handle this is
just a little toy I got from the Dollar Tree I think it's for vinyl
um but it works really well for um looming and Seed beading and working
with Wildfire so it's like a dollar 25 at the Dollar Tree and it works great
all right so I'm going to tie off the next two twice
and continue across
you're welcome Stacy no problem
across here tying two knots put two threads
and we're getting a nice secure hold there
with our threads
and now you're probably realizing why I left the thread longer on the start on
the starting thread there it's so we can tie off like this
on there as well okay
and our last two up here
okay so what I'm going to do then is I'm just going to go back through
a row or two with my needle thread
so I can tie this off down inside our work so I'll get over here probably about
halfway through this next row pop my needle up and out
right beside that middle one give it a little pull with my pliers to
get it through snug with the 11 0's for sure
yeah we have a little bit of problem with that thread there or with that
um be there not wanting to let the needle through so we're gonna try to back it out here
there we go got it now I did crack one of the beads
off but that's okay I can go back and pop that out or pop that back in but for
time purposes we'll just do this right now and that's the problem when you get a needle maybe that has a little bit
bigger head than you're used to it will pop your beads so live and learn
so we're going to take that up and through there and tighten that off around that Warp
okay and I'm going to do that twice
and now we have that tied off underneath I'm just going to come in here with my
uh plier or my trimmers and cut that off and then we're going to work our way
across the other side the same way
and we have this thread already here that we left a nice long piece so we can do the same thing
just want to get this needle put onto the thread
sometimes easier said than done right guys all right so we're putting that onto the bottom thread now
and we're going to start by doing the same thing we're going to weave back and forth this technique gives you a very
secure hold guys I'm really liking doing this on all the
pieces the seed bead pieces I'm making [Music]
and then we're going to work our way across tying off
our warps
you want to make sure this tie is where it needs to guys because if it gets a knot up above that's not going to help
you at all with doing what you're doing here so
I find that that can happen sometimes the loop gets in the wrong position
but you have to work it down there so it's close to those threads
before you pull nice and tight okay there we go got that
foreign the finishing work that you do on your
pieces is just as important as making the pieces if not more so because you want to make sure that it's secure so
when one of your customers are wearing it or a friend or family that you've gifted it to they do not come apart
you don't want them being out on the dance floor and all these seed beads crumbling down so
make sure that you do your due diligence when you're finishing off pieces for
sure okay that goes for Wildfire that goes for
when you're using wire beading wire regular wire any of it
and then two more here and that's it for the tying
get warm in here I'm gonna turn my little fan on I hope you guys don't mind
okay and then we're just gonna go back hopefully we don't have to break any
beads off this time back through our first row
I made my first loom bracelet the other day a Christmas bracelet I'm proud of myself now I definitely want to make
more good girl you got that licked I'll tell you so
what I'm gonna do here guys so I don't go up and crack another bead I'm going to just tie it off here on the end of
this blue row because as I said that's going to be encompassed and it's going to be inside of our
um little slide class so you won't even know it's there
okay and then I'm just gonna trim
now we're going to cut this off first off I'm going to take it off of our little
Contraption my lovely husband named me
and move that out of the way so when you're cutting off of the Loom
you always want to make sure and secure your work get a good hold on to it when you're going to trim you're going to
want to go to the back and use your trimmers and just start cutting across again I'm supporting my loom I'm
supporting my work okay same thing here
these should pop right off but if they don't you can certainly trim them because we're not going to be using them
anyway so now that I have all this off this is the point where we would go ahead and
glue okay so you want to use your GS hypo cement
and glue across all of your knots for time purposes we're not going to do that today because that's going to need to
dry then I'm just going to go in and trim all these threads because I know that it's secured well in there and it's
glued okay I'm just going to trim those off
just like so and then I'm just going to take let me
get these strings off here my little side clasp that fits on here
I'm going to open the end up just like so and I'm going to put it down and around
that blue row of beads all right and I want to get that to make sure that
that's going to slide onto that Wildfire underneath that row and it's very
imperative okay and you just work your way across for some reason it's given me a hard time so
we're going to try this way it's always when you're on camera you
know that's how it's supposed to go it's supposed to slide right across so just
work your way across by sliding in the last row of seed beads that you did
and then close your top and do it the same thing on the other side and you have a perfectly cute set of earrings
haircut time yeah that's right guys that's right so that gives you another option for your
Sedona Springs have band pattern let me turn my camera around here
hey here we are yeah so I want to show you this while I have it this way too so
you can kind of see that that's what I was working with they are this has just ended up being so
wonderful for me so if you have a handy guy at home get him to make you one of these
so that's it guys so I hope you enjoyed tonight I loved being back on jewel loom
School live I've always enjoyed it so much and I love seeing all of your
familiar faces and it's wonderful don't forget guys every Thursday at 3 P.M I am
live with pink poodle jewelry Studio um I also have all of my social media
um in the link tree down below you can visit that like share subscribe all
would be greatly appreciated and as always it was so lovely to see you and
we'll see you next time bye guys