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  • Changing Leaves Earrings - Jewel Loom School Live with Tricia

    October 13, 2022

    Changing Leaves Earrings - Jewel Loom School Live with Tricia

    Looming & coloring in the same project? Learn from designer Tricia Giazzon how to make some Changing Leaves Earrings. She teaches a Beautiful Pattern using Gorgeous Fire Polish, Tile Beads & Pearls. She also shows the new Designer Series Baltic Birch Earring Collection and How to decorate them, using an Ombre Effect with Colored Pencils. You will love this easy, but beautiful, project, and find yourself using these techniques in other projects.


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    hi guys hi everyone welcome in welcome in I see we have a lot of folks here
    coming in before we even started that's wonderful we always love to see you guys coming in and getting ready to to have
    class so fun so what has been new with everybody how's everybody doing this
    week um did you happen to see the um excuse me if you did you happen to see the soft
    Flex live last night it was super fun to do with Jules and Sarah
    um I did see some of my girls from on here of our girls on there and I was so
    glad to see you and so glad for the support as always guys you're so wonderful to us
    so um this week has been kind of uneventful for me which is the kind of week that I
    like I've just been doing a lot of resting as usual um designing you know that kind of stuff
    um I hope you all had a great week uh let me know what you were doing this week in the in the comments what are you
    making this week what's you know some fun stuff that you came up with I love to see it
    um don't forget guys uh to like and share our video always if you can share
    it to your page it gives us a huge boost and we really appreciate that
    so today we're going to make some changing leaves
    earrings now these earrings I designed new using the new designer Baltic Birch charm set
    and guys we this has been in the making for a little while
    but Jules has knocked it out of the park on this one guys it is so gorgeous there's so much to work with and it is
    just through the roof it's going to give you so much inspiration to do some fun
    projects and that's what my inspiration was this week a couple of the charms out of that
    um met out of that kit that little mix kit um so let me get here I have a photo
    unfortunately the whole set did not make it to me in time this week it will be here Saturday so I'm hoping next week to
    show you guys at all in person but I do have a poster or a poster
    of it if you would like to take a look at it but this is our gorgeous set
    that Jules has done for us and you can see there that we have the lotus flowers the
    daisies with the three loops on the bottom that are so fun because on that
    Daisy guys you could wrap and even on the Lotus anything that's open like that the heart you could wire wrap beads
    around that just get some like three millimeter fire polish and just wire wrap it on like a frame and it would be
    so gorgeous um so you can see we have our uh feathers there as well
    and then which are really pretty and always a classic then we have our Suns
    there in the middle those are also great to use for
    um anything summertime I just think they're they can be used year-round it just depends on how you color them or
    stain them but you can see there's three drone holes on the bottom of that so lots of options there guys
    we have our crowns which are a new addition to our charms this is so
    fabulous and so beautiful I am just tickled pink uh yes Jules has
    shared um some of the charms here there with you all I uh that's great I'm glad you you were able to get your hands on
    some um but and then we have this is what we're working with tonight our leaves
    down here on the third row left and they are super pretty and a lot of
    potential there with the open design of course butterflies because
    um they just are gorgeous that's just plain simple you need to know about the butterflies I had to have butterflies
    and then we have our beautiful hearts there again as I said you could dangle something in the middle you could wire
    wrap it it would really make for a beautiful piece and then of course we have our sword and our Shield which is
    so beautiful made the same way as the sun is with the three of the holes on the bottom so
    guys you know you gotta get your hands on it because it's just so gorgeous and
    so much potential as I said so here we are back let me get up to the comments
    okay so everyone like that did you enjoy see how pretty those are so get your orders
    said um they're ready to shoot um Jules Robert has them ready for
    Jewels so they can be on their way so make sure you get in there and order them yeah the crowns too Maria I can't
    even I'm so excited about the crowns I can't wait to make something with that so as I showed those to you um let's see
    those Suns could be and focal no yes it could be a focal any of them could be a
    focal you know you don't have to use them as earrings you could use them singly you know you could do a lot with
    them they're really pretty so I'm gonna Hood go ahead if I can speak and turn my
    camera down so we can go ahead and get started remember guys it'll be black for just a
    moment but I haven't gone anywhere
    yeah there we are okay so here's our setup
    for tonight guys I have our beads and our gorgeous bead board over here ready
    to go for our project we are using tonight we are using all six millimeter
    beads but we're using them in some different shapes and styles first we have the six millimeter pearls that are
    super super gorgeous six millimeter fire polish and six
    millimeter tile beads now I have this this is all like a muted color uh play
    here because I wanted our leaves to really pop out on our piece they're
    gorgeous these beads are absolutely stunning but I wanted this to kind of be the pow you know so but you could also
    do this bright to match the leaves or you can make the leaf neutral that'd be no problem that'd be really nice
    so I'm using one millimeter hemp tonight guys 11 0's
    and we're gonna need some ends slides for our ending of our pieces here of our
    earrings and of course some ear wires we're going to use wildfire
    and tonight I'm using the color beige I am I am almost out and I'm so sad so I
    have to get some more of that but um we're going to use beige on it but of course use the colors you have use the
    colors that you like yes I painted them Zach okay so well I didn't paint them
    these are actually uh colored pencil guys and I'll tell you what I used it is
    these prismacolor pencils they are like a higher end pencil that
    you can get um look at Michael's or craft store or whatever they're not really really expensive but they are more expensive
    than say like a kid set or something they have more Vivid colors than them so I do enjoy these for this kind of thing
    or coloring in my adult coloring books all kinds of stuff so what I did here guys we're going to
    color our leaves first so that's how we're going to start our project let me just move our beautiful earrings up here
    so to start a project as I said we're going to color our leaves
    and what I did is I picked out four colors that were pretty much in the same
    color family so I took a darker a little lighter
    a little lighter and the shades are kind of changing and then I went with like a muted mustard color that was me
    personally but as you can see your options are endless in here for what you can do
    and I'm sure we all have colored pencils at home but again guys there's a there is a great video I wouldn't say great
    but I made it so I won't say that I'll be modest but there is a video up in the
    school on how to paint or how to to treat your wood pieces and
    I described in there three different ways to do it so if you want to look at that check that out so what I did
    is I started with the darkest on top and I'm not going in real real heavy-handed
    I'm just going down to about this first indent or this first leaf
    spine or whatever you call those I know I'm not I I need to know words better but
    and I'm just kind of coloring that in
    a little bit at the top there I'm not going crazy with pushing on it
    okay and if you do want a brighter you can use patina paints you can use alcohol
    inks I know you girls have come up with some really fun ways to treat the
    um the wood pieces beautiful okay so I'm going to go down this spine here and then I'm going to
    get this one with the brown okay how's that just making sure that I have
    it all covered the way I want to I use Crayola colored pencils they work great great Nicole glad to hear it honey
    yeah use what you have absolutely I've never used the Crayola so I didn't know
    you know what the quality was on those I have some really cheap ones here and they don't they don't do well at all so
    I'm gonna go with the Tuscan red in here and I'm just going to kind of Go part way up into that brown as I'm working
    down here I'm just kind of coloring up a little bit light-handed just to kind of blend it
    down I know you all know how to color but I did want to share my technique on
    this with you and I'm going to do the same thing on this side here and I'm going to color up this spine
    and that's all right and I'm just going to work my way down
    here that's all I'm doing take your time enjoy the process
    just like looming take your time and enjoy the process so I'm just kind of lightly Feathering that up into that
    brown and then just do the same thing with the next color
    okay blending it up in there
    and we want to make sure we need we leave enough room for our yellow so I'm
    going to kind of give myself like a little barrier line there so I know where not to kind of go over that
    okay and then up through those again
    everything and you see how it's given like that
    cool ombre effect kind of with it it's just really a fun look I think you
    know so that I'm going to take the um
    Goldenrod that's what that's called and I'm gonna do the same thing I'm gonna blend up into that
    and pull it down thank you
    okay up onto the spines blending in over here
    I hope you can see that good enough guys so it's a basic technique you know just
    using our colored pencils and being a little inventive as to how we use the colors so that's it that's his
    basic as it gets there guys so what I did do on on mine is I just colored the
    back just like a this burgundy color it's more of a I guess they're calling
    it Tuscan red just to make it solid just to look at make it look finished now you
    could go over this with a little bit of glaze uh Mod Podge resin anything like that
    and it would give it like a really cool glossy appearance
    and sew in your colored pencil for you so that's always an option I'm just going to work my way down here
    coloring in these spines okay
    fabric and once you get that finished you get both of your leaves colored we can go
    ahead and start into our project so we're just going to do one right now I'll save that one for later for when I
    make my second earring I'm going to put these back so I don't forget to do so later
    I'm bad for that all right guys so now we're going to get
    down to the nitty-gritty of things okay I'm gonna set our little earrings up here
    I'm going to use the original Loom because you know she is my passion I just came what kind of pencil pencils
    and brand these are just colored pencils sure um these are just colored pencils from
    prismacolor and I got them at Michael's
    those are the ones I like so yeah I hope that helps so we're going to put our rod in as we
    always do guys and we're going to face the loom that way toward me into my
    belly just a smidge and I've already adjusted my rods when you get your original
    make sure that your rods go in and out smoothly if they don't take your pair of pliers and just barely nudge
    your ends out okay do tiny increments at a time okay so I'm going to put this
    into my tummy and I'm going to kind of give it a little Flex I'm going to put that bottom rod in and as I'm flexing it
    up I want to get that just as little flexed as little as I have to because as
    We Know flexible not bendable I think I tell you guys that every week
    so I'm using the one millimeter hemp here and I'm gonna turn my loom over
    put that out of the way and I'm going to wrap this one
    millimeter hemp around twice and then tie off nice and snug
    Maria did you have an incident I'm sorry I know honey I saw that don't give up on
    it it happens to most of us so don't feel bad not most of us but some of us
    and I get a little too aggressive myself sometimes so I'm just bringing that oh up up over
    the top here and just laying it into one of my grooves doesn't matter where
    as long as it's close to the left side and I want to put it in approximately the same place on the other side
    okay then I'm going to kind of turn it sideways to grab that knob and make sure you don't grab your rod
    with your hand and then we're going to leave four
    uh grooves in between each warp so there's one two three four and then
    we're gonna pull this across and you can see I laid my thumb there as I was counting that's to keep that tension
    guys always keep your tension so as I'm picking that up I'm applying tension here and letting my thumb up
    and I'm spinning the loom and again counting and leaving four grooves
    okay this is a very simple earring we only have three
    um four warps that make three lanes for us okay and I'm gonna do the same thing
    here one two three four just making sure tension tension tension Bring It Around
    and four let's see make sure one two three four I had an extra
    okay and I'm just gonna grab that knob again and one more time so as always guys for
    every um feed across you're going to have so say
    if you want three beads across You're Gonna Want four rows of hemp okay there's always going to be a one more
    row of hemp then you have beads so only have three there so I'm gonna pop this over just smidge
    to give us our four and then bring it across
    keep cracking me up my tongue and jar are always exhausted after warping I know you got to keep your tongue like a
    certain way in your face too and there we go I got my four and then
    I'm just going to come back to this knob on the back again guys and just wrap that around a couple times
    and again I'm holding that tension I'm going to switch it out and take this off
    to the one side and lay my finger on it sorry bouncing around there and then I'm just gonna
    cut that I'm ready to tie it off okay let me put that up here out of the way
    and so like we always do guys I'm gonna get that back around another time here
    we're going to put this underneath let me just make sure we're good here
    I'm gonna put this underneath all of the warps just stick this hemp end
    underneath and then I'm going to bring it around and just tie a knot okay and I'm going to do that twice
    okay and I'm just as I let my thumb up as I'm pulling because I still want to keep that tension
    and I'm going to do it one more time just to make sure we're in good business and of course we have our Rod which will
    tighten everything up for you a bit but I always like to get as much tension as I possibly can
    on this part as well then you have a really nice work
    all right so there's our second knot nice and snug so that's what both ends look like
    okay and I'm just going to bring that back to my mat I'm going to do the offset push it back into my tummy and
    now I'm going to flex it just a bit with my hand up here this is the hand I'm using to flex it
    and I'm going to pop that Rod up yes I am well that's not coming out
    easily so here's a trick guys if the first time you try it it doesn't come out easily spin
    your loom and then try the other end so I'm going to do that again I'm going to push it into my tummy and there that one
    popped right out so that's just a little tip if you're having any kind of struggles like that
    so I already um threaded my needle I'm just going to
    take that and I'm going to tie it on the left most Warp
    just going to give it a couple ties
    okay we do a lot of tying when we're first starting our projects don't we
    so there we go there's our little double mod and I'm just going to start out doing our pattern so as you can see here
    I'll lay this here so you can kind of keep up with the pattern
    our first row is going to be towel beads okay
    so I'm going to pick up three of those and we're going to put them up in the same hole
    so they're all tipping on the needle the same
    great if I can that one's fighting me so we'll just
    bring the fingers in on that one so
    that's how you want them to be hanging guys so we have it hooked on through the same hole on each bead okay
    so those are there we got those on I'm gonna drop them down on our wildfire
    and quit that from rocking and I'm going to feed my needle and my Wild Heart underneath my warps just like
    so as I do that I'm going to lay my hand down here on my loom to kind of keep it
    from rocking on me and then I'm going to pick this these beads up with with my
    middle finger okay so now I'm getting my loom to stay still and I'm supporting my
    beads okay so that's coming underneath and we're going to go up and over and through the bead holes and you want to
    go across and stay on top of the warps okay and this is a quick and easy
    project and I just love doing quick and easy projects that really have
    a gorgeous look to them when they're done okay so then our tile beads here are
    going to tip down I'm going to tap those so they kind of tip underneath and I'm
    going to switch my needle to my left hand and I'm going to lift those beads up with the middle finger on my right hand
    and I am going to stick my needle in through those bead holes underneath if you cannot see and get them well don't
    hesitate to turn your loom sideways to find the holes because believe me I do that more often than not
    so we have that string going through there now and they're still tipped down so you want to bring them back up push
    them up between those warps like we did the first time through okay
    and we're going to go up and over top of the warps through the bead holes
    okay and that's our first row now I did the same thing as I just did
    last night and we're not going to let it go any further than this
    so we're going to do that now so what you need to do and I do have my steps
    here but you know I get too into it so I'm going to show you say if you get your first row on you could take this
    out and start over but all I'm going to do is I'm going to run my needle
    back through I'm just going to hop back down to that bottom row
    and put my 11 0's on quickly and so that's a good way if you you know get a
    little bit even if you get two or three rows up there you can still come back and recover and put your put your
    um 11 0's on I don't know what my thing is lately with the levinos
    just tends to be my latest issue as we know there's always issues
    right for everyone so and then I'm just gonna go underneath and I'm going to run that needle across
    again to get me to my left side
    and just like that we're back down to the bottom easy enough so you just put your seed beads on so I believe I use
    12. so we're going to put 12 11 0's on
    because darn it we're putting a slide class one tonight
    quit running away guys
    okay nine ten 11 and 12. and we're going to do the
    same thing we're going to drop those down feed our needle underneath
    and then push our beads up
    can I get those into the right lanes so it looks like you need a few more
    beads I thought I counted 12 but I'm on a roll so let's put three more on
    does anyone else ever forget their 11 O's at the beginning of their projects
    more than just myself probably do that there is three
    and four actually I think I am going to stick with three I like how it's laying
    between those warps better so I think we will do that
    it's not going to give you a really really tight
    warp if you use the three so let's put nine
    changing in mid project it happens I leave a tell at the beginning for
    contingencies just like so yes and that is another option I have my towel here I could have went back in and did that uh
    that way as well but I'd like to con complicate a Q-tip as my husband says so
    welcome to the complicated complicated Q-tip show
    hey we have fun right okay I think we're good now guys so
    we're just going to lock those in and usually on my 11's I like to go through
    them multiple times you know just to make sure that since that's going to be what our project is hanging from I like
    to do that because it keeps it from um
    coming loose and that is what our our class we're going to go into our slide clasps so I'm going to go back through
    that a few times and then we're going to continue working our way up so let's go back one one more time
    but there's options guys you know there's always options with looming you there's pretty much
    um you can fix everything pretty much that happens
    just by using a different technique okay there we have our 11 0's on
    through back over see if I can get one more pass through I think I can
    I don't know and it's just kind of stuck in there so
    I'm just going to take my pliers and just give it a little pull just like that okay
    so now I'm going to work my way back up through these beads and continue our
    pattern so you know there's ways to you know go
    back and fix things it's easily dealt with you know so I'm right back where we were and so
    next I'm gonna pick up a pearl
    a fire polish a pearl
    and we're going to do the same thing we're going to drop it down and put that underneath
    and lock it in and from here your pattern is going to go pretty darn quick
    so let's get our next row which is another row of tile beads
    pull those over here
    and it's nice to be able to do quick projects and I I always try to make you know more
    in-depth projects but just lately I've just been feeling like doing some simple ones just to kind of
    take a break from it you know
    do the same thing guys I'm gonna hold that down with my hand and push the
    beads up with my middle finger and push that needle through those bead holes and sometimes you have to rock
    your needle a little bit to get it where you want it but we will get there
    and again and through
    okay and then back across
    thank you all right and our next row
    is the same we're going to do fire polish Purl fire polish
    because you can't have enough fire polish or pearls that's for sure
    mix that in Couture tile beads
    three more towel beads so on total guys you're going to need 12 tile beads
    five pearls and four fire polish per piece okay
    so we are almost there we've got a few more rows here
    and then we'll put our lebanos on the other end
    okay I'm pushing that underneath there pushing up I'm going a little faster now
    because we've um I think you guys probably have got it by now
    so there you go and then we have let's see I did one two
    three four five six seven rows so this is our fifth so we have two more rows
    after this and if you want to adjust the lengths on them you could stop right here if you
    like a little bit shorter of an earring because with the length plus then you have your leaf on it it's going to give
    you a good bit of length let me measure that for you without the earring hook we're looking
    at about three and a half inches with the leaf on it so again if you want that
    shorter I would just stop at the fifth row and then
    add your 11 hours at that point okay
    and then my my thread is getting short so I think what I'm going to do here
    guys is I'm just going to take my needle out get another piece of thread and I'm going to show you how to weave your
    thread through to start another thread just in case you have to okay it's another thing that we
    can learn tonight so I'm just gonna get my thread squeeze
    the end of it with my pliers this is something I do every time I thread my needle it helps so much
    and then just thread my needle
    so what I usually do is This Thread I'm going to weave back
    through and tie it off in the middle so I'm going to start in this the bottom hole of this towel
    bead and I'm going to go through it again I'm just going to rock my needle back and
    forth because it's getting tight in there from those threads that are already in there and sometimes you have
    to push up on your child beads to get those holes above the hemp so you can put it
    through there again that's what's so great about the jewel loom needle because you can rock it back
    and forth and with that length it'll go the whole way across and it's flexible enough that you can kind of get it put
    it where you want it without it snapping on you okay so I'm going to just pull that through
    and I'm going to leave a little towel on that as well and then come back up here to the top and I usually will weave back in at the
    end you can certainly do whatever if you want to just do it right now as you're putting your new thread in you
    can certainly do that so our next row as we're working up is going to be Purl
    fire polish Pearl
    okay come on
    I'm sitting around and we're just going to continue where did I get my mat this was JTV
    actually and it comes with a little I mean I'm doing a little plug for JTV I guess but they're they're they're okay
    by me it comes with this tray and then the matte goes inside the tray if you want that you can see it has like a lip
    on the end of it which is nice because I'm famous for knocking everything off my
    um table as I'm working so makes it nice I actually bought two of them
    because I wanted to have one downstairs because I have tons of my crafting and looming stuff downstairs too as well as
    my studio let's get getting a little bit out of control actually so
    but I'm gonna I've been after my husband to get let me get a little top desk to
    put that stuff in but it's like nope nope there's enough furniture
    so I'll get a solution eventually I guess but yeah that mat is I I love it I love
    it okay and then we're just going to put in our last row here
    I know Miss Jones going to be visiting GTV pretty soon that'll be super fun
    I'm Jelly I wish I could go
    the JTV experience okay and we're just gonna put
    our needle through the last holes here
    all right and then lock that in
    you crack me up they do not frown when you watch you and Ginger walk in you're
    like the best I would love to have classes with you and Ginger so I'm gonna
    pick up my nine 11 hours here you could fit the four in each row guys
    but it's going to be snug as I said so you do you but I'm just gonna stick with the nine
    tonight three per row
    three so let's make sure three I think we'll get this time
    no not no oh okay gotcha Amber
    Poor Joe and Ginger they're the Life of the Party Don't let her fool you
    okay so I'm just gonna do the same thing we did at the beginning and just lock these in and I'm gonna go through them a
    couple times
    okay foreign
    excuse me yes they are fun that's for sure Maria
    very fun life of the party as I said so and then I'm just gonna go
    back across here and as I'm going across guys I'm going to tie this thread off so
    I'm just going to come up through these three beads and angle my needle up like so
    and pull it through you know let me see if I can crack seed beads and sometimes they don't want
    to come through and as I did earlier um one of the seed beads cracked off so
    be careful with forcing through the 11 beads so I think
    what we're gonna do is just keep it simple
    and figure out what's going on here
    I think it might be caught there we go
    all right let's try one more time see if we were caught over here
    there went through we got it so sometimes you just back out and try again and you can use your pliers to
    assist you with the chance that yes you could crack crack an 11 I'll keep that
    in mind I mean with the ends it's not the end of the world because they're going to be covered up anyway but you want to make sure you have a good amount
    on there to um hold your class for you so I'm just in the middle here and I'm just going to
    make two knots that's all there is to it just as I did
    at the beginning
    oh no needle surgery hey you know how it goes Vicky gotta do
    surgery sometimes and then there's my second knot guys and a little trick I do and you'll see me do it on the other
    ones as well then I just push my needle down through and I pull my thread
    and I give it a little tug and that rolls that knot around to the back so
    you can't see it okay I'm just going to flip this over and trim that one off and we're going to
    do it with the rest of these now I'm fine with this little knot over here that doesn't bother me if it
    bothers you weave it back through so we're just going to leave that one like so
    and then I'm gonna weave these back in and I'm just going to put my needle on those
    threads and I'm gonna crimp my end again makes it easier
    put my needle on like so and then I'm just going to go underneath
    because my thread's coming out on top here so I'm going to go underneath and I'm going to go through this top
    hole of the bead because that's where my thread is coming out of and then again I'm just going to angle my needle up and
    out of that I hope you can see what I'm doing there guys and we're just going to tie two knots
    again and keeping them to the middle disguises them a little better most
    people think you know and I I think that as well I just for my starting knot
    sometimes I leave it back in sometimes I don't um but I would say more times than not I
    don't because I don't mind that little I just make them very very tiny so we did the
    same thing two knots now you can put some GS hypo on your knots I highly recommend it
    that's going to keep them from coming loose on you and then we have one more here to do
    hey I'm getting good at um threaten that needle Under Pressure
    Arena guys so I'm going to do the same thing it's coming out of that bead hole so I'm
    going to go underneath and put my needle up and through that
    and up and out
    okay and just take a couple knots guys easy peasy pumpkin squeezy there's
    Joel's likes to say
    and if your thread's getting short guys sometimes I'll just take the the back end of the thread and just push it
    through the middle of that Loop instead of trying to get my whole needle through there and then I can just take my needle
    off as I get through and pull that knot tight seat it down
    through and pull it to the back and true
    [Music] okay so we're going to go ahead and cut
    this off of the Loom foreign
    and how I'm going to do that is I'm just going to hold what I do is I put take my two my pointer finger and my middle
    finger and I put it around my work just like so I wrap my thumb around the back
    of my loom and hold that tight and I flex
    my loom like I did at the beginning and then I just trim
    the threads and you can see I'm holding that back with my thumb guys so it doesn't spring up
    and it doesn't you don't want it to go too crazy and you don't want to ruin your work so
    so I this tank I can't get enough of from Danielle and I actually did it last night with
    soft flex and I'll tell you what it's my new favorite now with earrings you'd only be able to do it on one because you
    have the loop end only on one of your earrings but you want to make sure and secure your work
    and pull your hemp slowly through
    so your lips are
    at the top okay you can move them down so they're nice and snug to those 11-0 beads remember you can make two earrings
    on the original one but Trisha is only making one to save time yes that's true
    that is true you could make two and if
    um you know you could probably fit maybe even three on there but I usually do two
    only because it gives me enough material to work with hemp or string or whatever
    um to be able to uh tie it off well and it might give you a little bit of
    fuss but it's gonna just slowly work it make sure you hold your work because you
    don't want to warp that I'm just pressing down with those three fingers on top of it nice and snug
    but it is the best thing since sliced bread I'll tell you
    I really love it so go and on a bracelet this would just be
    one of the ends if you did your seed beads and you're pulling your Loops in just like that
    then you know make sure my work is still intact well there it is
    pretty good so I'm going to go and do the trick that has also been something else that I have started doing
    personally is um tying single knots at the bottom
    I did that last night with this off flex and I you can do it with hemp you can do it with wildfire
    just make sure you get your knots down as Tiny as you can get it if you're going to use a slide clasp and glue your
    knots I can't stress that enough make sure you glue your knots because you want them to stay it's very important if
    you're only tying single knots that you glue them okay so I'm going to just grab a piece of
    paper here because I didn't grab a paper towel because I don't want to get glue all over my table when I'm ready to do that
    but I just take these down and get them nice and
    tight to the bottom just like that okay so it's gonna feed
    through your slide flash then so that makes you able to use the thicker head
    or a thicker material with a slide clasps so I'm just going to do that on all four
    of these just work it down there
    same thing just taking my fingernail and just kind of tightening that up making sure I'm not tightening it too much
    because we don't want to warp our work so third one
    Robin you like the single knot good good let me know what kind of luck you guys
    have with it right anxious to know when I start doing these different things how
    everyone else is doing with it all right one more knot
    okay fix that down same way
    so I'm gonna glue them before I cut them I'm just like I said I'm just gonna put them on a piece of paper here because we
    all know GS hypo likes to Leach a little bit when it's coming out so I'd like to
    make sure that way then if I get a drop on my mat it you know it's just going to go on the
    paper or the paper towel so I'm just going to warm this up with my hand and get it to come up and that was very quick that I got a
    nice size dot of glue and I'm going to put it on that knot I'm going to try to push it down inside that knot just a
    little bit just to make sure I'm good and glued I'm going to do that with the rest of these
    and just push it down in through the middle that's this is a very important step
    guys so don't forget to glue okay
    and the GS hypo it dries pretty pretty quick so it's like I think and plus it has
    that little needle head that you can kind of push down in the middle smidge just to make sure
    that's glued and I'm going to put my cap back on
    that one smoothly if anyone uses GS hypo they know
    how well that went with that little needle because it doesn't always do that so now what we're going to do guys I
    would just let this dry for about five minutes or so but we're gonna move along and I'm just going to take my cord
    cutters and I'm going to cut right up to each knot
    okay I will reuse this hemp believe me guys I know that looks like a lot of waste but
    it will not be wasted foreign so we have our little knots there and
    then I have my slide clasps and what I like to do guys is I like to take my
    tweezer pliers if you have a chain nose you can do the same thing and I kind of open the top a
    little bit more on the clasp and then I put the nose of my
    tweezer pliers in and just kind of spread open the end of this a little bit it is much
    more it's much goes over the knots much more comfortably that way so I'm just
    going to start on this end I'm going to start pushing this through and remember you can squeeze it
    shut at the end you know if you open it up for this type of thing
    and you can use your pliers as you're doing it and just take and just give
    that the knots A little nudge down in there and I'm working that across
    gonna crossed we're going to give the last one A little nudge
    make sure our 11s are up in there back that up just a smidge
    it's a little dance to get everything to go inside it nicely so just be patient with it
    there we go
    okay and you you know guys you could also put glue down inside your slide
    clasp as well if you wanted to so I'm just going to give this end that I opened up a little
    bit once I know it's in the place I want it to be I'm just going to give it a little squeeze just to close what I opened up
    just gently squeeze a shut so it's nice and firm on there
    and then you just close your end up just like so so there's one on and that was our
    knotted end which was the hardest end but as you can see with the single knotting it goes on quite easily so
    we'll put this one on and then we can hook on our beautiful
    leaf okay
    this one goes across much easier easier because we don't have our knots on it
    let's make sure I have everything and where I want it
    whoops foreign just add a little bit
    now I can hear Kaylee out in the hall she's getting anxious for Mama to come out so we'll be finishing up here quick
    so I'm just going to do the same thing I'm going to give that a little squeeze
    to close that up close the end
    and again you can glue inside there I'm going to put on my ear wire
    say simply but these these ones on
    there we go and close that up
    and then I'm just going to use a jump ring on the bottom
    just uh nice size jump ring because it's going to go through the hole in the leaf
    easier and um into the bottom of the clasp easier
    all right so I just have a nice size jump ring there make sure I open it up enough
    because you're gonna need to kind of wiggle it back and forth to get it through that hole but it will certainly
    go and if you open it up enough it goes like butter and then hook it onto
    our piece foreign guys we have made
    changing Leaf hearing so here we are in real time
    so let me know what you think guys um as always I'd love to hear your input on all of our projects and I want to see
    pictures if you do make them super fun to see those
    so I'm going to switch us back here now thank you oh you're welcome you're welcome guys
    just back here we are
    so I hope you guys enjoyed that it was a fun project for me to come up with next
    week I believe we're doing a bracelet um so it'll be a really pretty fall vibe
    bracelet um the next two weeks are going to be in the fall Vibe and then I'm hoping for
    November to make it like gift months so I'm trying to think outside the box for
    you guys and come up with some stuff that we can make as gifts that maybe isn't jewelry you know just some basic
    things maybe a bookmark things like that so my brain is going on that but I will
    post as I always try to do the first week of November I try to get the schedule up for the month but that's
    what's coming in the next few weeks for us so should be super fun so thank you
    thank you thank you who said something
    the Vicky she's a silly goose so thank you guys so much sorry
    um for joining us tonight we love having you and we'll see you next week guys hi
    I can't suppress my light there there we go