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by Joan Dice

Tile Ring with Picot Edges - Jewel Loom School Live with Amber & Tricia

Want a different DIY look in a ring? Look no further! Tricia Giazzon & Amber Scott show how to make a ring from tile beads with a picot edging. Or, to mix it up a little, throw in a few small pyramid beads for a slightly spiky look! Grab your baby loom, Original Jewel Loom, or Wisdom Warrior Loom & let's get started!


Materials Needed:

Czech Glass 6mm Tile Beads -Pyramid:https://jewelloom.com/collections/beads/products/czech-glass-6mm-tile-bead-pyramid-5-color-luster?aff=4

Czech Glass 6mm Tile Beads Amber Travertine:https://jewelloom.com/collections/beads/products/beads-two-hole-czech-glass-6mm-tile-bead-in-amber-travertine-25-pcs?aff=4

Wildfire: https://jewelloom.com/collections/accessories/beading-thread?aff=4

Your Choice of 11/0 seed beads:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/seed-beads/size-11-0?aff=4


Choice of Looms:

Baby Loom:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/weaving-goddess%E2%84%A2/products/beadalon-baby-jewel-loom-baby-jewel-loom-beadalon-baby-jewel-bead-loom-by-julianna-avelar-portable-beading-loom-bead-weaving-easy-to-use?aff=4

The Original Jewel Loom:  https://jewelloom.com/products/beadalon-jewel-loom-flexible-bead-loom-jewel-loom-by-beadalon-bead-loom-julianna-c-avelar-portable-beading-loom-bead-weaving-easy-to-use?aff=4

Small wisdom warrior:https://jewelloom.com/collections/kits/products/bead-loom-wisdom-warrior-3-x-12-work-space-with-needles-sample-bead-kit?aff=4  also receive needles, 5 tubes 11/0 Toho seed beads, slider ends, and pattern.


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