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by Joan Dice

Tickle Earrings with Deb Floros - Jewel Loom School with Jewels

Look at these big balls of Springtime earrings…so fun, creative, & with joyful colors. Artist Deb Floros joins Jewels on this episode of Jewel Loom School to teach us how to make these eye-catching Tickle Earrings on the Small Sun Weaver loom. And I bet you will never have expected the way she finishes them off! Just seeing these earrings fills me up with energy & happiness. And Jewels shows what she made on the loom...an earring woven with hemp & decorated with scrubby yarn at the bottom! Join us for this awesome tutorial & get tips, tricks & inspiration from Deb! 

Chapter Marks in video:

  • 18:05 - Warping
  • 21:25 - Weaving Scrubby Yarn
  • 48:55 -  Removing from loom & finishing Earring 
  • 57:20 - Jewels shows Earring she made with hemp & chunky yarn on loom

Supplies Used for this project: 

  • Hemp Cording - Natural (Roughly 4 ft)
  • Red Heart Brand Scrubby Yarn - Bubble Gum  (Roughly 4 ft)
  • 2 - Half Inch (12mm) Ribbon Crimps
  • French Ear Wires

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