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by Joan Dice

SilverSilk Pendant and workshop unboxing- Jewel School Live with Tricia & Amber

Tricia shows how to create an amazing pendant with SilverSilk capture chain, hemp, & beads, using the SilverSilk Jewel Loom, in this episode of Jewel Loom School with Tricia Giazzon & Amber Scott. They also unbox the May workshop kit, of which there are 6 left at the time of this video. 

Items used:

SilverSilk Capture Chain

Hemp Cord

2 colors of Gem cut Beads

11/0 seed Beads

Long ribbon crimp


Get the items used at the following links:

SilverSilk Capture Chain:  https://www.silversilkonline.com/capture-chain 

Gem Cut Beads:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/beads/9x6-gem-cut-rondel?aff=6

Hemp cord: https://jewelloom.com/collections/accessories/hemp-cord?aff=6   

11/0 seed beads:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/seed-beads/size-11-0?aff=6

Wildfire:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/accessories/beading-thread?aff=6

Ribbon crimp:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/accessories/ribbon-crimps?aff=6

SilverSilk Jewel Loom:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/weaving-goddess%E2%84%A2/products/silversilk-loom-with-jewel-loom-needles?aff=6


You can subscribe to the monthly workshop with kit (Creative Soul Box) here:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/subscriptions?aff=6 

You can purchase all of these looms and materials at the Jewel Loom website. You can also support Tricia and Amber by using our affiliate links. This week's links are geared toward Trish. 

Trish’s link:  https://jewelloom.com?aff=6

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You can find Amber and Tricia online through our link trees:

Tricia:  https://linktr.ee/pinkpoodlecraftstudio

Amber:  https://linktr.ee/mtnittanycreations