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by Joan Dice

SilverSilk Loom Designs & Introducing New SilverSilk Wood Bead Board

This is a must see show, especially if you love designing, learning behind the scenes info, & laughs in all in one show. The show is a collaboration between Jewels & Nealay Patel, using the SilverSilk Loom. Jewels brings out one of her huge wood buttons for the bracelet she designed, showing how you can loom with it on & what it looks like on a bracelet. It definitely can be a centerpiece, which you can paint, use markers, or even collage onto it!  They also introduce the new SilverSilk Wood Bead Board, which Jewels found out can easily slide under the loom. This board is awesome! I bet this will work with most of the wood looms Jewels has designed. 

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