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by Joan Dice

Red Queen Earrings - Jewel Loom School Live with Tricia Giazzon

Learn how to make some Royal Red Queen Earrings Using Hexagons and Tiles with designer Tricia Giazzon. Trish also shows how to picot stitch the edges & to finish off the earrings, using a ribbon crimp & drops. This is a quick & easy, yet gorgeous, project for both beginners & knowledgeable loomers. Julianna Jewels Avelar also joins in to explain how to enter a drawing for a Jewel Loom beginners kit, including 2 looms & enough materials to make a bracelet! Drawing will be Wednesday morning, May 4th, so don't miss it!

CZECH GLASS TWO HOLE 12MM HEXAGON PYRAMID CORAL RED: https://jewelloom.com/products/12mm-pyramid-coral-red-stone?aff=6

CZECH GLASS 6MM TILE BLACK WITH RED UNDERTONES MATTE: https://jewelloom.com/products/czech-glass-6mm-tile-black-with-red-undertones-matte-25-pcs?aff=6

TOHO ROUND 11/0 TUBE 2.5" TRANSPARENT RAINBOW SIAM RUBY: https://jewelloom.com/products/toho-round-11-0-tube-2-5-transparent-rainbow-siam-ruby?aff=6

Jewel Loom Beginner's Kit (includes Original Jewel Loom, Baby Loom, needles, & supplies to make a bracelet): https://jewelloom.com/products/jewel-loom%C2%AE-beaded-bracelet-starter-kit-with-bonus-baby-jewel-loom-and-needles?aff=6

Original Jewel Loom: https://jewelloom.com/products/beadalon-jewel-loom-flexible-bead-loom-jewel-loom-by-beadalon-bead-loom-julianna-c-avelar-portable-beading-loom-bead-weaving-easy-to-use?aff=6

Small Wisdom Warrior: https://jewelloom.com/products/bead-loom-wisdom-warrior-3-x-12-work-space-with-needles-sample-bead-kit?aff=6

Baby Loom: https://jewelloom.com/collections/weaving-goddess%E2%84%A2/products/beadalon-baby-jewel-loom-baby-jewel-loom-beadalon-baby-jewel-bead-loom-by-julianna-avelar-portable-beading-loom-bead-weaving-easy-to-use?aff=6

You can also shop through Tricia’s affiliate link: https://jewelloom.com?aff=6

You can find Amber and Tricia online through our link trees:

Tricia: https://linktr.ee/pinkpoodlecraftstudio

Amber: https://linktr.ee/mtnittanycreations