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by Joan Dice

Jewel Loom 101 Ginger & Joan Style

Welcome to Ginger & Joan's first tutorial. We're taking a different approach to most jewelry making tutorials - Joan Dice is teaching Ginger Branch how to use the Jewel Loom & we want you to learn along! We're making a very easy bracelet for beginners. This 3 part tutorial is done Ginger & Joan style, with the friendly chatter & laughter.

Part 1:  Joan is showing Ginger how to warp with hemp. The warping techniques are the same for any material you chose to use for the warps.

Part 2:  Joan is showing Ginger how to weave with beads. Ginger is using large beads for a quicker project. But any size bead can be used, as long as the warps are spaced apart correctly for the beads.

Part 3:  Joan is showing Ginger how to remove the bracelet from the loom & finish it. Joan also shows the bracelets she was working on as Ginger made hers.

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