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by Joan Dice

How to use the Boo Boo Loom Coaster Maker!

Join Jewels & Joan for the World Premier of the newest Jewel Loom…the Boo Boo Loom Patch Maker!If you have watched any of Jewels’ LIVES or YouTube Videos you know that Marlin Brando the "Frenchie" is always in the background snoring away. So why not make a loom with his image so he can be with you always, making smiles, giggling and of course creating adorable coasters! Plus he’s a Fur Baby and who doesn't love that! Put a little Boo Boo in your creative life! 

Julianna Jewels Avelar & Joan Dice talk about & show the versatility of this new loom, which is great for beginners! Jewels demonstrates how to warp & weave. Joan shows one way to finish off the project.

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