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by Joan Dice

Bead Wrapped Pipe Chain Cuff - Jewel Loom School with Joan

Joan is showing how to do a different type of weave, using SilverSilk Pipe Chain as the warps, in this tutorial, since this month is dedicated to the SilverSilk Loom.  She also shows how to finish this cuff with 3 different types of closures.

In Part 1, she shows how to do a figure 8 pattern weave, covering the Wildfire thread with seed beads, while working from both sides of the loom with 2 needles, wrapping around the SilverSilk Warps…an easy pattern with a different look! She also explains a quick way to finish the pattern. 

In Part 2, she shows three ways the Pipe Chain Cuff can be finished off, so you can choose your personal preference. The first way is with bead stringing wire & attaching a clasp. The second is using Beadalon’s Elastic Stretch Cord Needle to feed cord through the pipe chain to form an adjustable bracelet closure. The third way is 20 gauge German Style Wire & forming wrap loops on the ends to attach your own closure or form your own closure out of the wire.

Supplies Used to Weave the Cuff:

Below is the list of supplies for ending each style of cuff:

  • SilverSilk Pipe Chain Endcaps are used to finish off each design:  https://www.silversilkonline.com/custom-findings/p/pipe-chain-end-caps 
  • 4 or more beads of choice to finish the ends before the clasp

Finishing With Beading Wire (watch at :55 mark in Pt. 2):

  • 19 or 49 strand Beadalon Beading Wire (the more strands, the more flexible the cuff will be, which will help to close the clasp), the largest width that will fit through your smallest hole beads you use at the ends
  • 4 - Size 2 Beadalon Crimp Tubes
  • Closure of choice - I used a 2 strand clasp, but you can crimp both beading wires onto a jumpring, then add a single strand clasp to the jump ring.

Adjustable Clasp (watch at 3:06 mark in Pt. 2):

  • Beadalon’s Elastic Stretch Cord Needle
  • Cord of Choice, no larger than 1mm - I used .8mm Knotting Cord

Wire Ending (watch at 25:03 mark in Pt. 2):

  • 20 or 18 gauge Beadalon German Style Wire - at least 2 11” pieces
  • 18 gauge or 16 gauge Wire of choice, if you want to make your own clasp - I used 16 gauge Artistic Wire
  • Clasp of choice, if you choose not to make your own.
  • Artistic Wire Sizing Drum or something round or oval approximately the same size as your wrist.
  • Hammer & Steel Bench Block or Nylon Jaw Pliers to work harden clasp, if you make your own clasp.

SilverSilk Bead Board:  https://jewelloom.com/collections/silversilk/products/silversilk-wood-bead-board?aff=11 

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